Lessons can be learned from those we call crazy

There are those individuals, though they may be rare, who simply have chosen a theme that isn’t necessarily part of the collective, though they may need to be in the collective in order to experience it.

So they’re experiencing a kind of paradox, a kind of polarity theme that they’re playing out among a collective, but not agreeing with the collective. And so they are thought to be crazy.

Now a more advanced civilization would understand what they’re doing. It’s similar in a way to one of the Native American, as you call them, American-Indian indigenous civilization’s concepts of what is called a Heyoka, a trickster. The idea of someone who perceives reality very differently than the collective.

And yet there are lessons to be learned from that, if the collective is wise enough to see them, is open enough and willing to see them.

So even what you may call a crazy person has a reason for being in a collective that may usually disagree with them. But when the collective starts to understand the function that they perform, they will learn the lesson that they are there to teach in most cases.

Bashar - Breaking News - July 2021