Not karma, but you do have a point of attraction that has momentum

We don’t talk about karma in the way that people who talk about karma mean karma. But we do acknowledge that you do have a point of attraction, and that your point of attraction has momentum.

And therefore there are some things that could be seen in your future, not because they’re meant to be or because they have to be, but because you’ve cued them up with your consistent thought about them.

So what does that mean for your point of attraction? Or what does that mean for your future experience? What does my past mean for my future experience?

It doesn’t have to mean anything.

If you had a tumultuous past, or a traumatic past, or an unpleasant or unhappy past, it does not mean that your future must be the same. Usually what it means is, you know what you don’t want so you know what you do want.

So what’s unfolding for you is in some range between knowing what you don’t want and knowing what you do want, and it’s all dependent upon what you do consistently with your thoughts.

What are you doing now? That’s what matters. Not what happened before. What you’re thinking about what happened before matters. Because even though it happened before, you’re thinking about it now. But all of your perpetuation of vibration is happening now.

So, how do you perceive your past? Do you leave your past in the traumatic place that you remember it? Or have you decided to look at it differently? Are you perceiving the advantages in your past? That’s a whole different vibration.

So if you are perceiving your past with appreciation, your future benefits. If you’re perceiving your past on a really regular basis with resentment, your future does not benefit. Your future is a lot like your past. Different faces, different places, but pretty much the same.

Abraham Now broadcast - July 24, 2021