Those that continue to learn have greater health and greater memory capacity

This is what happens to many as they age - they get very fixed in their programs.

They’re not willing to learn, they’re not willing to change, they’re not willing to open up in any way.

Those that continue to learn throughout their lifetime generally have greater health, greater memory capacity, because they’re using their body, they’re using their mind.

They’re not just letting it all go to mush because they’re not trying anything new, they’re not creating new neural pathways.

So, we would encourage you to try new things, explore, see what works for you.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - January 2023


This is…this is insanely good sense.

Be a creator non-stop every day, expand your brain and mind (yes, I know the difference :grin:), and, destroy what is unnecessary simultaneously.

But, my bias is, be a creator. Learn things!!

God bless :+1: