You don't want to be in sync with your inner being all the time

Do you want to always be in sync with your inner being?

I would like to.

The answer is no. Because that means you would be relinquishing your Step One moments which are essential to the reason you’re here.


What we’re wanting to do here is to convince you that negative emotion isn’t bad. It’s part of the process. Your gas gauge on your car isn’t bad when it shows you your tank’s low. It’s helpful. So you want to be in sync with your inner being often. Why?

It feels good.

That’s the right answer and it’s the only answer that matters.

If you were to say because I can get more accomplished, or that means my goals are unfolding, or it means I’m on the brink of things - that’s all true too. But “because it feels good” is the right answer, the best answer. Really, from our point of view, the only answer.

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