Accelerated Manifestations webinar - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Accelerated Manifestations webinar


Here is a helpful summary of the key points from the webinar:

  • The presenter introduces a new insight into the “virtual vortex” manifesting system. This insight allows the well-established “allowing” side of deliberate manifesting to be applied equally well to the “focusing” side related to specific desires.

  • The key is realizing that the pattern of using focus blocks to get relief and jump to vortex specifics also works for getting relief on specific desires via power clean focus blocks. This then allows jumping to the equivalent “feeling place” for that desire.

  • Iterating over the feeling place keeps you tuned into the desire longer, making it easier to get into and stay in alignment with that desire vibration. This speeds up manifestation.

  • The feeling place is constructed starting with topic gridwork on the desire, then finding relevant vortex specifics that match the feeling being generated. QED questions can also help build it out.

  • The presenter demonstrates this new desire-focused use of the virtual vortex pattern in Obsidian software, and explains how it mirrors the well-known general allowing side.

  • In summary, this evolution of the virtual vortex now allows equally powerful and fast alignment with specific desires as has been possible for general alignment. The presenter is very excited about the possibilities this opens up.

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