Open Hotseat - January 2023 webinar - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat - January 2023 webinar


Here is a high-level summary of the key points from the webinar:

  • The webinar covered a wide range of manifesting and law of attraction topics through an open Q&A format.

  • Key concepts discussed included parallel lives, interconnection of all consciousness, collective consciousness, getting into the feeling place of desires, missing emotions, advanced emotion overlays, and iterating over vortex specifics to get into alignment.

  • There was a discussion around systematically clarifying, cleaning up, and getting into the feeling place of desires using tools like the virtual vortex. This was presented as a powerful way to get into alignment and manifest desires.

  • The importance of predominantly feeling good and being in a state of allowing was emphasized, along with the idea that shining your light uplifts the entire collective.

  • Overall, the webinar focused on using systematic tools and processes to get into alignment with desires in order to manifest them, while operating from a place of interconnection and oneness.