Open Hotseat webinar - Jan 2024 - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat – Jan 2024 webinar.


Here is a quick summary of the webinar:

  1. This was likely the last Open Hotseat webinar hosted by Stingray as he is moving to a remote location. He is planning to manifest everything into place there as a demonstration of the manifesting methods.

  2. The Manifesting Lab will be put on hiatus during this time, with only automated systems continuing to run.

  3. Stingray believes the Manifesting Lab has built up enough theoretical knowledge over 5 years and now wants to shift the emphasis to practical application of the manifesting methods through instructor-led cohorts.

  4. Nicholas asked about the difference between the teaching of “thinking from the end” versus Stingray’s “presence versus absence” approach.

  5. Stingray emphasized that the key is being in a state of presence/allowing when focusing on desires, not the specific words or phrases used. Different words/phrases resonate with different people.

  6. Stingray advised backing away from any specific desire that does not come with ease and presence. Focus instead on general alignment which will act like a magnet to pull the desire when you later re-engage with it.

  7. Stingray cannot provide a single path to alignment for everyone. Each person must find what uniquely resonates with them through their emotional guidance system.

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