Open Hotseat - March 2023 webinar - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat - March 2023 webinar


Here are some key takeaways from the open Hot Seat webinar:

  • The open Hot Seats allow Manifesting Lab members to receive live coaching and advice from Stingray. Members can volunteer to have a live chat and get help with any manifesting issues.

  • Matthew volunteered to have a live chat. His main issue was that he has to put in a lot of daily effort (1.5 hours of meditation, breathing techniques, etc) just to maintain a good mood. If he skips this work, his mood drops quickly.

  • Stingray tried to help Matthew shift from using meditation mainly as a distraction method to help him feel better temporarily. Instead, he encouraged using techniques like EFT tapping to directly “clean up” and release the underlying issues.

  • They tried the 45 second method and EFT tapping during the webinar session. The EFT tapping brought up a lot of overwhelming emotion for Matthew, which Stingray said is positive as it allows the emotions to flow out rather than being blocked in the body.

  • Stingray suggested Matthew stop the long meditation routine for now and instead use the mornings to tap on the issues with EFT until they are cleared up. Then he won’t need meditation as just a distraction method.

  • The takeaway is distraction methods like meditation can help you feel better temporarily but you must eventually “clean up” the root issues for permanent improvement. EFT tapping is one effective cleanup method. Consistent daily alignment work is needed to maintain positive momentum.