Open Hotseat - November 2022 webinar - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat - November 2022 webinar


Here is a high-level summary of the key points:

The host Stingray demonstrated clearing a limiting belief around money by using the ‘45 second method’ with a member named Zee. By focusing on a small, recent emotional trigger related to money (feeling sad about an expensive coat), they were able to address Zee’s broader, long-term issues around lack of money.

Stingray explained how quickly withdrawing attention from negative triggers can prevent momentum, but existing momentum needs to be cleared. He emphasized using systems and processes when in a low emotional state, since our limiting beliefs may prevent us from remembering useful techniques.

In response to questions, Stingray recommended the book Ask and It Is Given by Abraham for its specific, quantified processes. He also highlighted the Tao Te Ching as emphasizing the power of ‘passive’ allowing versus ‘active’ forcing. Overall, an insightful demonstration of emotional clearing work and discussion of deliberate manifestation principles.

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