Open Hotseat - May 2023 webinar - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat - May 2023 webinar


Stingray opens the webinar by inviting members to share their thoughts and take the “hot seat.”

Several members come up to discuss personal stories and ask questions. Topics include using meditation and other techniques for dealing with negative emotions, the challenges of accepting current reality while desiring change, putting oneself in a “bubble” to ignore current reality, and using tools like the Virtual Vortex, Invincibility Wheel, 17 Seconds method, and feeling good for its own sake to raise one’s vibration.

Stingray emphasizes accepting where you are now before things can change, surrendering resistance, going general with subjects rather than being specific, and maintaining a non-judgmental observational approach. He responds to some pre-submitted questions on topics like the value of aging, celebrity culture, and wanting something better while appreciating what you already have.

Overall, the webinar focuses on using deliberate manifesting techniques, but highlights that the easiest approach is often just feeling good and staying in that high vibrational state.