Open Hotseat - February 2023 webinar - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat - February 2023 webinar


Here are some key takeaways from the webinar:

  • One member, Nikulas, spoke about how manifestations seem to be happening faster now compared to 10-20 years ago. Stingray agreed and used the analogy of driving a car - you have to be a better “driver” now because energy/desires are moving faster, like driving at a higher speed.

  • Stingray reassured members that they don’t need to know all the technical advanced manifesting techniques recently covered to get their desires. Feeling good and allowing are still the core basics. The advanced techniques are optional for those who want to explore being creators.

  • He outlined 5 levels of deliberate manifesters: Believer, Scavenger, Apprentice, Creator, Explorer. Each has a different focus but none are better than others. It’s about where you want to explore life.

  • The webinar was an open discussion on various manifesting topics. The key seems to be finding what makes you feel good and taking it at your own pace. Advanced techniques are optional.