As you get heart-centered, you can bend and manipulate time

When you’re in the heart-center: So that’s the biggest thing that we would recommend if you’re feeling really challenged by time.

Because yes, as you move higher in frequency, not just you personally but the planet itself, as she is increasing her resonance, what you will find is that your experience of time will also compress.

We told you this 25 years ago and it was really hard for you to kind of wrap your brain around that. We said, your 24 hour day will feel more like 8 hours. And that’s about where you are right now.

If you think about 25 years ago, what your day felt like and what you would have to do in 8 hours. That’s all the time you feel like you’ve got now. And in about 3 years, it’s going to feel more like about 4 hours in your day.

But as you get to that place, you’re also going to get better at stepping out of time and manipulating time because you’re working with frequency and you’re staying present in the moment.

So you just put yourself on a now moment and you can bend time, you can manipulate time. You can expand it and you can compress it depending on the experience and what you want to have.

So as you are standing in your heart-centered space, it makes it much much easier for that to happen now.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - August 2023