Unlocking productivity: The power of your heart-centered space

We have several questions about time and how time is accelerating. And if your day feels maybe like it’s only three to five hours long, what would be a good way to navigate that kind of energy?

Back to your heart-center. Because when you put yourself in your heart-center, you’re in flow. When you are in flow, you’re able to get things done in a more efficient way.

Remember what we said about the universe wanting to work in the most efficient, economical way possible? That means that you will make the connections that you need to make faster.

So let us give you an example. Maybe you need an answer for a work project from Sally. And Sally is on your to-do list. But first, you think you’ve got four other things to do and by the time you would get to Sally, it’d be about three o’clock in the afternoon.

So here you are, you’re starting your day and you’re starting through the to-do with number one and all of a sudden, you have this hit, this awareness of, “You know what? I need to call Sally right now. I have the feeling that she’s not going to be around later.”

Now you have a choice in that moment. You can follow the mind and the list that you’ve got planned, or you can listen to that intuitive call because you were in your heart-centered space and you received it.

So you pick up the phone, you call Sally. Even though she’s down to number four on the list, you call her. And she’s there. She answers. And you get the answer that you need, so later on you can continue on with your work.

If you had waited until you got around to it at three o’clock, she would have been gone for the day. You would have had left a message. She would have called you back the next day, maybe you’re not around. She’s got to leave another message. And back and forth it goes.

So when you find you get those hits, you can make those connections faster. And you actually make more space and time for yourself because now you got the answer that you needed immediately. You don’t have to wait a day and a half to move forward. You can just move forward now. And you can make that happen.

So if you’re feeling that your day is really compressed and there’s not enough time to get enough done, get back to the heart-centered space.

The other thing that if you put yourself back in your heart-centered space, the things you think you need to do, you’ll find that you probably don’t need to do most of them. They are not absolutely required.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - August 2023