How do I identify what's limiting me?

How do I identify what’s limiting me? What is really possible? And how do I shift to dreaming and creating bigger?

So you can start by grounding, heart-centering, and asking what you need to know or do about a current situation.

So maybe you’re having problems in your relationship. What do you need to know? What do you need to do? And it’s not about the other person - it’s about you.

So oftentimes when it comes to relationships, you want the other person to change - it’s really you that needs to change, your perceptions that need to change, or action that you need to take. So to figure that out, you can ask yourself, “What is it that is keeping me from the frequency that I want?”

And that perhaps is a better place to start. What is the frequency that you want to embody? What is it that you feel is missing or lacking or that you want more of? You can start there.

And then notice as you start to feel into it what surfaces. That’s another way to work with that. So as you think about having abundance, notice what thoughts come up.

“Oh, if I’m abundant, then people are going to want stuff from me. And I don’t have any more energy to give right now. I feel energetically bankrupt. And if I’ve got money, or people can’t be trusted - people are just going to want to use me.”

So pay attention to that. That tells you, “Oh, I don’t trust. I don’t trust in my ability to create that abundance. And I don’t trust other people who are gonna want to take it from me when I have it.”

So there’s trust - that’s what you get to work on. “I trust in myself. I trust in my ability to hold a good boundary. I trust in my discernment to call in people who are a good vibrational match for me.” So it’s starting there.

Now, sometimes it can be a little tricky because you might have a secondary issue or a secondary fear that plays out there.

Maybe there’s something that you think you want to create. You’re pretty certain that’s what you want to create, but it’s not showing up. It can be because there is a fear that’s there that is greater than your desire to manifest what it is that you want to create.

So an easy example to see is wanting to put your message out on a big stage for lots and lots of people to see. Or maybe you’ve got persecution issues going on. And your personal safety is more important than you stepping out to give a message. And so you feel that you’re not manifesting that.

Every time you try, you’re not getting the results that you want because you’re self sabotaging, because there is an aspect of you that says, “Oh, no, we can only go so far. And then we’re a light on the grid, then we can be seen and people are gonna come after us. And that’s not safe. And we can’t have that.”

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - August 2021