Don’t be attached to the visual of what you think you want

We want you to dream. We want you to be bold with the things that you want to create, the frequencies that you want.

Now, in the process of manifestation, often it is described as visualizing the outcome and that’s fine to an extent. It’s kind of a stepping stone.

Great, you can see it but don’t be attached to the visual of what it is that you think you want. Pay attention to the vibrational essence of what it is that you want because you are moving into a new space where you’re going to be creating things that you’ve never created before and they’re not going to look anything like what you have created in the past.

So if you’re using the visual reference point, you are going to limit yourself if you’re attached to it. So pay special attention to the vibration and the frequencies that you are holding.

And then opportunities that are a vibrational match will start to show up for you and they may not look anything like what you thought they were supposed to look like.

But there will be something within you that says “That frequency feels really familiar and I want more of that. I want to engage with that. Let’s see what happens. Let’s step out and engage with that.”

And so you do. Because as you are focused on the frequencies and you’re running them and you’re paying attention, you will recognize that subtle energy as it is reflected back to you.

And that is truly when you are empowered in creating your reality as you are directing subtle energy and you are reading it as you’re taking a pause, taking a moment to observe the energy that is around you.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - April 2023