Attachment to an outcome will manifest what you don't want

It’s very easy to hear all the stories about doom and gloom and all the possibilities and things that could go right or could go wrong, and then you’re attached to those “right outcomes”.

And you’re fearing the negative “Oh, I hope that negative thing doesn’t happen”, or “Oh, I really hope this positive thing happens”.

The problem with that, when you get hooked into the positive, is that you are attached to it instead of being fully present.

When you’re attached to an outcome, what you are really doing is trying to avoid the fear program because you are attached and really invested, because you really don’t want the negative.

That’s what the attachment is - you have an aversion to the negative and so you go to the other polarity.

That will actually get you manifesting what you don’t want so that you can release that attachment.

The goal here, as you are all thinking about what you want to create, is to be unattached to the outcome.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - January 2023