Are you afraid that your negative thoughts will manifest?

This person is saying that sometimes they have negative thoughts and everything, and they get really scared that it’s going to manifest.

And they just get more and more fearful because they’re having negative thoughts, and they’re afraid they’re going to attract it or manifest it. So, how can we work with that?

Well, you understand it’s the fear itself that might attract it, not having the negative idea or perspective.

Are they in any way shape or form concerned that if they have a positive thought, it might manifest when “I don’t want it to”? It’s the same thing.

Just having the perspective, just having the observation, just having the awareness that there are thoughts that might be negative isn’t enough to manifest them. You have to be afraid that they’ll manifest. You have to believe in your belief system that they will manifest, that it’s the most likely thing that will happen.

But why believe that?

Just having the observational thought isn’t enough energy to make it manifest unless you’re really truly invested in it doing so. And having deep fear that it might manifest is having a deep investment that you are going to attract it as the most likely scenario.

So just look at the idea of positive thoughts. You don’t have the same reaction to those. It’s equal to the idea of negative thoughts. They’re just observations. They’re just considerations. They’re just thoughts.

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