Intense negativity? You're probably close to finally letting it go

Fear-based belief systems, just like any belief system, are going to be designed to perpetuate themselves.

Because if beliefs don’t make you think they’re real, if they don’t make you think that they’re a fact, you can’t have a physical experience, because physical reality is an illusion.

So it’s the belief system that makes physical reality appear solid by reinforcing what they’re telling you through the idea of emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and reflective experiences.

But if it’s getting intense, especially for the idea of the negative ones, that’s usually a sign that you’re probably very close to letting it go.

And therefore it’s going to amp up the tool that it’s using of fear to get you to be afraid to let it go, by making you think that if you do let it go something worse will happen.

So, sometimes, intensity is a good sign in that context - to let you know, you’re actually probably really close to letting the fear-based belief go or it wouldn’t have to work so hard to amplify the emotion to prevent you from doing so.

Bashar - This Transmission Has No Title - May 23, 2020