Investigate fear-based belief about shifting beliefs

My question is about shifting between beliefs. I find it very difficult to change what I believe is true. In other words, I believe one thing, and I recognize that I would prefer to believe something else that is more positive, that is more in alignment, that is more serving the reality that I would like to experience.

And it just seems like the belief that I’m holding on to right now is way too strong, and I’m way too convinced about it, that the shift between the beliefs is almost not likely.

So what is your suggestion as for shifting more easily between the beliefs that I’m holding now and the beliefs that I would like to believe are true?

You wouldn't know that they're in alignment with your Higher Self if you didn't have the capacity to shift to them easily.

So the belief to work on is specifically the one that says that you are convinced that you are in some way, shape or form finding it difficult to shift, because that is coming from a negative fear-based belief.

So focus on why you give your power over to the very concept of being easily able to shift and unable to shift. That is where you will find your answers.

Investigate the idea of what the negative belief is telling you about being unable to easily shift.

Bashar - Breaking News - July 2021