It's the depth of your belief in the belief that creates your reality

The idea that you can’t resist your negative belief is a negative belief in and of itself. That’s what you have to pay attention to, is that that’s not a fact.

When you say “I can’t resist my negative belief,” that’s not a fact. That’s the negative belief attempting to convince you that it’s very difficult and very challenging to let it go. Because that’s one of the ways that negative and fear-based beliefs have of perpetuating themselves, because that’s what beliefs, all beliefs, are designed to do.

Because if you didn’t buy into a belief as true, whether positive or negative, you couldn’t have a physical reality experience. It’s the depth of your belief in the belief that creates the physical reality experience.

Therefore, beliefs reinforce themselves with emotions, with thoughts, with behaviors, and reflections of experience, to make themselves seem like facts.

But when you really listen and say, “I just can’t change this, I just can’t resist my negative belief,” you’re not stating a fact, you’re parroting the negative belief, who is designed to make sure you don’t let it go.

So no matter what comes out of your mouth, no matter what goes through your mind, those thoughts are not facts. And you have to pay attention to that idea.

And see through the smoke and mirrors, no matter how real, no matter how challenging, no matter how difficult it may seem - you are simply buying into a belief and beliefs can be changed.

Bashar - Breaking News - July 2021


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