Mastering manifestations: transforming challenges into opportunities

You don’t necessarily know why this particular [negative] thing manifested. But if you can find a positive way to relate to it, that’s where you’re the most powerful in transmuting it.

If you find a positive way to relate to it then you do know why it manifested, for that purpose, to give you that option, to give you that opportunity to do exactly that. That’s why it manifested.

As I’ve said before, even if you manifest something you objectively and neutrally don’t prefer, that’s vibrationally not compatible with who you prefer to be, you have to know it’s still there for a reason.

And the reason why it’s there is to give you an opportunity to find out if you’re going to react the same old negative way to it or if you’re going to take the different path of responding more positively, to know that it can serve you by defining why it’s there and using why it’s there in a positive way.

For example, if nothing else, manifesting something you don’t prefer makes it clearer, by contrast, what you do prefer - staying in the state of mind that allows you to use something you don’t prefer as a comparison to what you do prefer so that it makes what you do prefer clearer, is a positive way to use what you don’t prefer.

And once you’ve used it that way, it will go away because you’ve learned the lesson. You’ve used it in a way that serves you in a positive sense. And thus, you do know exactly why it manifested that way, to give you the opportunity to do just that.

Bashar - Parallel Realities and You - August 2023