How do we get out of the trap of thinking that the present is never enough?

How do we get out of the trap of thinking the future or something else external will make us happier? I am aware of the ego trap that leads us to believe something else will be better and that the present is never enough. But how do we navigate this to be truly free?

Well, you can start through your own experience where you thought, “Well, if I have something, I’ll be happier when I get it”. And then you get it and you still aren’t happy.

So all of you have had that experience at some level and you can just remind yourself of that.

And then, if it’s just about something as simple as feeling peaceful, you can have that experience now. You can get the confirmation. And the repetition of that helps to create new neural pathways that “Oh, whatever I feel first, I then experience in my body and then I can start to experience it in the external world”.

You’ll get that proof for yourself and it will just make it easy. You keep going back to that new neural pathway and remove the energy from the old. That’s how you create new belief systems.

And there are many people who have put themselves out there and who are living examples of “Oh, when I would get this, I thought it’d be happy. But that didn’t work”.

There are plenty of people out there who thought that when they have millions, they’ll be happy. And then they get the millions and they’re still not happy.

So you can learn vicariously through others who have achieved that and still not have the emotional response that they wanted, or the rest of their life is a bit of a mess.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - July 2023