I don't want this portion of Source Energy

In truth, your external circumstances - meaning what the rest of the collective is doing - doesn’t determine how much joy you can have, how much abundance you can have.

How much love, how much light, how much energy, how much vitality, how much freedom - that’s all an inside job. It’s all an inside job.

You can live in a space that is six by six, and still feel like you have so much freedom, so much joy, so much abundance.

There are people who live in a mansion who feel like they’re in a prison, who feel separate and unloved.

It’s an inside job. It is all determined by your connection to Source Energy. How much Source Energy are you allowing yourself to run in this moment?

Every judgement that you have narrows down the bandwidth, or the amount of Source Energy that you can run.

Because when you judge something as being good, bad, right or wrong - you want to make it separate from you - you are in essence saying, “I don’t want this portion of Source Energy”.

And so that limits how much Source Energy you can run.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - May 9, 2020