Your energy cup needs to be overflowing to share with others

Maybe it’s somebody who’s very, very selfish [that you are interacting with] and it’s all about me, me, me, me, me, me, me, and you feel like they’re sucking you dry.

Well, your energy may be just the opposite. You’re self sacrificing. So you’re always giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, and not holding enough energy for yourself. And so, they push your button.

And you are interacting so that both of you can become aware that there is an imbalance in the exchange of energy - that your cup needs to be full and overflowing.

And it is the overflow that you share with others. It isn’t you going down to the depths of your cup, as it were, and giving from the bottom of your own cup to other people. That is for you.

So, you have to learn to refill, recharge and nourish your energy.

How do you do that? You go into the heart-centered space. Because when you do that, you are not in judgement and you allow the full force of source energy to flow through you.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - May 2023