How to manifest money

I’d love some guidance on how to shift your expectation to the positive around finances growing and expanding when that hasn’t been the case for a while in my physical world.

So we don’t want you to have any expectations, period. We want you to be in allowance.

So an expectation means that you are attached to the outcome, the way that something should present itself.

You might have a preference. You might have a desire for something to turn out a certain way but the expectation will limit you. So you put the desire out there, and then see what turns up instead. That’s the difference. It’s subtle, but it makes a big difference in what you create.

Now, in terms of money, if you feel like things have been tight, it’s been hard for a long long time, you don’t have a reference point for having all that abundance, or having a lot of money - the thing that you want to create - you don’t feel like you can really tune into that, give yourself permission to dream about it. What might it feel like?

So if you had that certain amount of money in the bank, or you had that certain object, or whatever abundance you are looking for (maybe it’s an abundance of friends, maybe it’s an abundance of love) what does that feel like (if you have a reference point) and amplifying that, or what do you think it might?

The thing is that all of you have experienced it at some level at some point in your life. It may not be as big and bright as you’d like it to be, as you’d like to manifest, but there is a part of you that’s had that experience. So give yourself permission to imagine, and just start there.

So that is where we would have you start. Just imagine what it would feel like to be abundant. Imagine what it would feel like to have infinite finances.

And here’s the thing, money often does not flow to get your attention. So where are you not in flow in other areas of your life?

This is how you all will often set it up. So if you’re feeling really tired, really worn down, then you might notice that your bank account goes down because you’re not generating energy any longer. So things in the physical world aren’t flowing quite the same.

So if that’s the case for you then work on your personal energy, and you might find that more abundance in terms of money will start to show up. Maybe you’re struggling in your relationships?

Pay attention to where things are not in flow if you are somebody who is working on abundance.

Also, abundance comes in many many forms. Money is not the only form and the only way for abundance to show up.

So, for years, we used to give the example for Wendy about manifesting a television set. And the idea was that you had to have a certain amount of money to get the television set. And then you could go out and you could buy it, and there you had it.

But what we gave as an example is just to imagine that flowing to you in unknown ways. You don’t have to just focus on the money. You allow things to show up for you.

And we gave that to that example so often, and just even in her own resonance and putting that alignment, it was time for her to have a new TV and someone had a brand new TV that they just offered to her. She didn’t have to do it. So it was actually manifest the way that we described it for many years.

So it is important for you to to recognize that; recognize the many forms that abundance comes to you right here, right now. And as you have gratitude for that, as an extension money can also flow.

Now, it is also important for you to look at your beliefs about money. What limiting beliefs do you have about money?

“Only people who are greedy and selfish have money. Money is the root of all evil. Money’s hard to come by. Money can flow in but it flows right back out. As soon as I get money, it goes back out the window.”

These are some of the limiting beliefs that you all might have about money. So we would encourage you to really look at some of those belief systems because most of those are in the family belief system.

You come in with those, a few you reinforce as you get a little bit older but, generally speaking, it’s in the family line: “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

There are many many many beliefs that you have. So look at those as well. And that will help you to let go of some of that.

Money is just energy. That’s it. It’s just energy. So look at your energy field. Where is it flowing? Where is it stuck?

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - February 2023