If you want money, you should activate the emotion of eagerness

It’s a very normal thing to want something to manifest and before it is manifested, feel the absence of its manifestation. But you got to get over that.

So the manifestation that we’re asking you here to reach for is the emotional manifestation. Because you can want a million dollars because you want the financial freedom that that indicates or implies. And it can be hard for you to build a mental pathway to that million dollars because, so far, maybe something very far from that is what you’re living and so that feels hard to you.

But if you think about why you want that million dollars, if you think about what it feels like to feel free, or what it feels like to just do something on a whim because you want to.

If you think about what freedom really feels like and you activate within yourself the emotion of ‘eagerness’, that’s the work. The ‘eagerness’ is the manifestation that can be accomplished in less than a minute, while building a mental pathway to the million dollars is not that fast of a pathway.

And what we’re wanting to convince you of here today is that if you will build the mental pathways to the emotional manifestation, the physical manifestation that matches that will come to you in big clumps of lots and lots and lots of satisfying pieces.

Abraham - Amsterdam 2022