Fixing webinar sound problems: A demonstration of manifesting principles in action

I’m now highly confident that the sound problems (also mentioned here) that have been interfering with Manifesting Lab webinars for the past few months are now resolved.

I’ve spent hours doing test recordings since implementing “the fix” a few days ago and they are all crystal clear.

The fix itself is a demonstration of Manifesting Lab principles at work so I’ll try and describe the process a bit in case you learn something from it.

How the solution came about

Rather than bore you with the technical details of the problem (it was to do with the bandwidth limitations of USB ports), let me explain a little bit about how I solved it.

My thought processes went a bit like this…

  1. I notice when listening back to a webinar that the sound is completely wrecked. It’s almost impossible to listen to. Ironically, the webinar is the Manifesting The Impossible and this seems like an impossible situation to recover from. It’s never happened before and the sound seems irrecoverable. Just wasted hours of my time and your time.

  2. Feel the desire being launched. Refuse to feel bad about it. Refuse to give more than 17 seconds of attention to the negative aspects of the issue.

  3. The next day, out of nowhere, a thought pops into my head about some professional audio restoration software that I know about but have never used. Start using it, and several hours later, the sound is at least listenable - not great, but listenable.

  4. No idea what caused the problem. Perhaps it was a one-off problem with Zoom or my internet connection? I ignore it and go ahead with the next webinar.

  5. In the next webinar, the same thing happens again. Sound from my side is wrecked but the webinar is an Open Hotseat and the other person’s sound is fine. Hmmm. Interesting. Gather this data in my mind but I’m still not sure what the cause could be. Again, spend hours (less hours than last time) recovering the sound.

  6. I do some test recordings before the next member webinar and the sound is fine. (I later discover that the problem doesn’t really show up unless the test recordings are are least 30 minutes long)

  7. Record the next member webinar thinking it’s going to be okay but on relistening to the recording, the sound is wrecked again. Oh dear. But I refuse again to spend more than 17 seconds feeling bad about it. Spend the time restoring the sound again. I’m completely unemotional about restoring the sound - just get the job done. I’m getting good at audio restoration now :slight_smile:

  8. On the day of the next Open Hotseat webinar, I run one more sound test (a longer one) and somehow the sound is wrecked again. How can this be? So I have to cancel the webinar at the last minute. I’ve now had enough of this (launched a powerful desire) and completely rebuild my sound setup from the ground up. Reset all the audio settings and put them all back in one by one. A long job.

  9. Again with shorter test recordings, the sound seems fine. So I go ahead with the next Open Hotseat webinar. This time my side of the sound still has problems with it but the sound system rebuild has definitely improved things. Not much audio restoration needed - but still some required. Still not sure why the sound is bad. Do some more (short, less than 30 minute) test recordings and they sound okay so perhaps the problem really is solved and things will settle down? Try to ignore the software bug hunters’ motto: “Problems that disappear by themselves come back by themselves” :wink:

  10. On the day of the next member webinar (the one I cancelled last week), I run another sound test, a longer one this time. And suddenly the wrecked sound is back again. Now I see the pattern: the sound problems only show up with longer recordings (30 minutes and longer). Now I have gathered another vital piece of data.

  11. I cancel the webinar again at the last minute since the sound will be wrecked for sure if I go ahead with it. Again, I refuse to spend more than 17 seconds feeling bad about not knowing what the cause is.

So let’s recap what’s happening here.

Every time the problem comes up, I refuse to give more than 17 seconds of thought to the “absence” of the solution (i.e. feeling bad about the problem) but I keep gathering data (clues) about the problem.

Each time I’m releasing those clues to my Broader Self and getting on with other things in my life.

Then a few days ago, shortly after waking up, a huge inspired impulse came to try something (along with some technical information about why I should try it).

This impulse required some hardware changes/replacements to my computer setup. It took me a day or two to find the parts required to make the changes. I make those changes, all based on an intuitive impulse - no other evidence.

I do a test recording and now the sound is crystal clear :astonished:

Feels like I’ve just won a chess match…

I’m amazed that this was the solution because the changes made had nothing to do with the sound/audio on my computer.

For the past few days (probably because I still don’t believe it), I’ve been repeating the test recordings (one even a few hours long) and the sound remains crystal clear.

The solution is not one that I would have figured out for myself by thinking logically. But it was the inspired impulse that came up with it. And it was my continued refusal to be dragged down into absence that allowed it to come when it was ready.

So there you go. A demonstration of manifesting principles in action… Basically, if you don’t know what to do, refuse to feel bad and do nothing, and the Universe will sort it out for you one way or another :wink:

So why did these problems manifest? What are they a vibrational match to?

That’s an easy one.

For the past several months, I’ve been thinking more and more that the Manifesting Lab now has enough theory (especially with reaching the milestone of The Impossible Manifestation System) and I’m starting to feel more and more resistance to the idea of doing more monthly theory-based webinars.

We’ve now got enough manifesting theory to keep people occupied for many months, perhaps even years.

It feels like we now need to make a shift to emphasizing practicality in the Manifesting Lab - helping people implement the theories. But the path to making the required changes has some obstacles to overcome. And I’m still working through some resistance within myself regarding that.

These webinar problems (in my mind) are a direct reflection of my resistant thought processes about making these changes.

So, as usual, it’s just a case of fine-tuning the vibrational setpoint until the path forward feels clear and inspired.