Open Hotseat webinar - Nov 2023 - AI Summary

This is an artificial intelligence summary of the Open Hotseat – Nov 2023


This Manifesting Lab webinar covered a wide range of topics related to manifesting desires, clearing resistance, understanding emotions, and doing “vibrational work”.

Some key points include:

  • Manifesting does not require you to feel good, but incorporating positive emotions leads to actually enjoying the manifestation when it arrives. Otherwise you may end up an unhappy person with lots of “stuff”.

  • Feeling guilty suggests resistance that should be cleared up to allow your broader self to focus on your desires. The universe does not judge right/wrong or good/bad.

  • Getting bored with a desire often means you are in alignment with it and it may manifest soon, though you may not care much when it does. Forcing boredom does not work.

  • Making peace with an unsatisfying job situation helps diffuse clinging and resistance that interferes with manifesting a new one. Accepting where you are is not the same as liking it.

  • “Vibrational work” like gridwork aims to help you align. Doing it with others, if they are open to it, can be like a mastermind group producing creative ideas.

  • From alignment, revisiting the same vibrational work can bring new thrill and desires through “vibrational world exploration”. The virtual vortex system builds itself.

The webinar encourages clearing resistance, accepting what is, finding alignment, allowing manifestation by broader self, and incorporating positive emotion rather than just chasing “stuff”.