Focus your mood, don’t focus your thoughts

What we’re asking you to do here today is a different mindset than you may have heard from us before. We’re asking you to focus with your mood. Focus your mood, don’t focus your thoughts.

You focus your thoughts in Step One. Step One is Ask. Contrast helps you do it. That’s when you focus your desire. You’ve been focusing your desire all of your life. Your desire has been focused. It’s focused.

Focus your mood. You focused your desire and we all are focused upon your desire. That focus part has happened. The culminating has happened. It’s on the verge of explosion into your experience if you will focus your mood.

So what does that mean? It means don’t pick a fight. And if somebody picks a fight with you, don’t respond to the fight. Don’t knee jerk into it. Practice your mood.

Abraham - Amsterdam 2022