If you have a gift you're excited to give, someone is waiting to receive it

You understand that there’s no such thing as a one-sided coin? If you have a head, there has to be a tail for there to be a coin at all.

So the idea is, if you have a gift that you’re excited to give, that is your indication that there must be someone waiting to receive it, or it would be pointless for you to be excited about giving it. There are no one-sided coins in reality. You have a gift, someone is waiting to receive it.

So it doesn’t matter how many people reject it. It doesn’t matter how many people think you’re crazy. They are not the ones waiting to receive it anyway.

But there are those that are waiting to receive it. And the longer you wait to share it, the longer you are depriving them of what it is they may need in their life. That’s not very nice.

Bashar - Persistence of Vision - May 2023