Law of Attraction success stories


You’re reading this because you want some inspiring Law of Attraction success stories?

Admit it, that’s the reason …you can’t get away with lying to me, you know

Okay then, I’ll give you some manifesting success stories but, as is usually the case on this website, there’s a twist.

Yes, it can be fun to read about other peoples’ successes however don’t forget that the Law of Attraction operates in your life every single moment of every single day so every waking moment in your (or anyone else’s life) is also a success story.

  • If you’re driving to work and another driver cuts you up in traffic, then shouts, swears and rants at you as he passes… that’s a Law of Attraction success story .

  • If you are on the verge of financial bankruptcy and today you are spending your last dollar on a hamburger and, as you are about to bite into it, it slips out of your hand and falls to the floor… that’s a Law of Attraction success story .

  • If your children return home from school and blame you for the bad day they have had… that’s a Law of Attraction success story .

  • If you are walking down the street, get distracted for a moment and then trip over a piece of street garbage and break your leg… that’s a Law of Attraction success story .

Okay, I’ll stop there - I’m sure you get the idea…and the hamburger one is actually a true story for me


The point I’m making is that there can be a tendency for people to think they are just living their lives from day to day with random things happening to them…and then every so often they can focus in some way and the Law of Attraction manifests something amazing.

But if you look around in any moment in any day of your own, you’ll see a perfect correspondence between what has happened to you and how you were feeling about it when it happened.

Sometimes they are things you wanted to happen to you, sometimes they are things you would have preferred happened differently.

But there are no exceptions ever …how you feel and what you get is always a perfect match.

…now that’s the ultimate Law of Attraction success story to me


I am not ashamed to admit that I still would have eaten the hamburger …


Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left to eat since it hit the ground at high speed.

What I missed out from that story (partly for brevity, and partly because people wouldn’t believe me anyway) is that I was singled out (from a large peaceful crowd of people sitting outside in a city park) by someone who had just been released from jail that morning and decided he was hungry, and liked the look of that hamburger I was eating.

In the ensuing “discussion” and “tussle”, the hamburger was karate-chopped out of my hands and exploded on the ground…so neither of us got to eat lunch that day :slight_smile:

Perfect vibrational match to how I was feeling at the time.


That is a fascinating story. And really highlights the aspects of matching vibrations.

On a much lighter note, Part of me also instantly thought of the scene from Friends how Joey doesn’t share food.


Wow, what a story. Thank you for sharing the details - it makes the message even more intense. Unbelievable as it may sound to some outsiders, it just emphasizes the idea of the “vibrational somersaults” (as you sometimes put it) the universe is able to produce to match our point of attraction, whatever it may be.


Indeed. I’ve actually had far crazier stuff than that happen where the only possible reasonable conclusion I’ve been left with is that Law of Attraction is an absolutely real always-operating Law in our lives.

While one can never prove Law of Attraction to any doubter’s satisfaction (because Law of Attraction will provide evidence for the disbeliever’s point of view as well), you eventually reach a point - if you hang around these subjects for long enough - where the number of “coincidences” that happen, good or bad, are so overwhelming in your own life that you don’t need proof any more.


Yes for me I cannot prove law of attraction, yet at the same time, its difficult and hard work to also disprove it due to patterns of circumstances as you say.

I actually dont believe in the law of attraction, HOWEVER, I also DO NOT radically rule it out or disbelieve it either.

I suppose with the idea I am agnostic. I think in a few years the scale might tip and I will fully believe it with zero doubts.

Thing is it doesnt matter to me if i believe it or not. What matters is that the ideas discussed WORK in my life with real results. I have many stories to share of success. I feel happier and calmer and trust my gut like crazy now. I feel healthier and confident.

So whether it is ‘real or not’ to me I dont entertain that style of question anymore. I just chop wood carry water so to speak.

Hope you won the fight. And if you didnt as long as you got a couple swinging hammers in, good enough :slight_smile:


I easily believe this and stories like it 100%. I remember noticing this stuff ever since I was a little kid (both with events happening to myself and select others). It was very clear there was something energetic at play, but given that the people around me were active doubters and even aggressively upset when theories like those we discuss here were brought up, I took it to mean there was no unifying principle, and some people are just kind of disliked by the Universe. A very dis-empowering belief, indeed.

It was a huge relief to discover Abraham and LoA and find out there were actual physical laws governing this kind of thing. I must say, it is even more frustrating when these things happen now because of my full blown awareness that I am struggling to shift my vibe, but still… it helps to know it’s not just “the evil Universe at play.” :ghost:

A friend recently had an experience she shared with me. Interestingly, she is one of the most happy / great childhood and life / high vibing people I know (and has constant matching vibrations to that). But this event took place at a time when she was moving, dealing with various stresses, and must have had access to a much lower vibe despite her usual high baseline. She said she was on a bus full of people when a unstable individual boarded, ranting and speaking a frightening and violent manner. She said she kind of looked away and tried to be invisible (I imagine this unfortunately lit her up more) and he wandered over to (out of all the people on the bus) her, spit on her, and then took off.

It’s completely whacky the way the Matrix converts our vibes into physically tangible things.


I find this is a huge relief to know. When we view life as something separate to us, that is happening TO US, it is natural for the mind to be fearful. It has no control.

However when we see that life is us, that life is connected to us, that life is happening because of us, then all that fear drops away. The only fear that remains, is that natural primal fear that stops us doing something stupid and keeps us alive. To me I think this is when we have comfortably reached Step 5, and can boldly play with the world.


Lovely - thank you for this @Andy.


I concur. The sheer explosion of coincidences in my life leads me in no doubt whatsoever that this stuff is for realz!


I will try to be quick with my story.
After my divorce my credit was destroyed and I’m self employed, so the possibly of buying a house was slim and none. I met a great girl and remarried. Her credit was so so. I figured we would continue renting homes as long as it took for things to come together.
The housing market in our area was really high. Things were over priced so I wasn’t really looking for a home any how.
We found an amazing house to rent, it is in walking distance to the high school that my two oldest boys go to, a huge back yard to park all my equipment in , a pool , a storage shed, on and on with all the plusses for our family and business.
One of the prior listings call it a resort style home, no joke , it really is!
We ask the home owner if he would sell , he said never, he was going to retire at this house.
No problem it would have been way too much money at this point.
I just spent my time appreciating the house and talking about how wonderful it is. I dropped all wanting and just enjoyed the house.
Out of the blue the home owner called and said he needed to sell the house right away. I didn’t have the money for a down payment. I relaxed and trusted.
Talking to the home owner a few times and he came down on the price over $35 thousand dollars.
I continued appreciating the house. No "wanting " just appreciating the house.
In a matter of a short time I was able to come up with over 20% as a down payment. Banks liked that and I was able to get financing.
Trust me, I had no way to come up with with that kind of a down payment. It was just shy of $100,000 dollars in just a few months.
I’m not even sure how it all happened.
Talk about a big , huge manifestation!



How incredibly inspiring - Thank you for sharing!





What a great story! I think the key lies in the above sentences describing your attitude which led to the manifestation. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your input! Any help is appreciated.

An update, just a couple of months ago a friend of mine that is in the same industry called and asked me if I would be willing to purchase his business.
I kind of wasn’t overly Interested but I would look at the opportunity.
After going through the books I could see that he was selling it to me at about half the market price . Also he knew I wasn’t prepared financially to buy it. He was willing to take a reasonable down payment and a very fair monthly payment all with no interest!
I do some grid work each day and make it a point to let go of control and trust.
I do a lot of focus on feeling good, not great or spectacular, just good as I go through the day.
I would also say that playing with the processes on this forum have been a great help!
The focus blocks and vkd are great for a boost .
I know that Abraham talks about wanting is a good thing and I’m sure that it is for most people but for me I do better emotionally when I drop the subject, or visit the subject rarely. Also I try to trust that all my desires are held for me in a safe place that only I can access.
That attitude helps me to stay balanced.


Yes because that is a true demonstration of trust!

You ask the waitor for your order once and dont pay a second thought about it because you know its on the way.

Great story to hear also.