Losing interest in what you want is often a good thing (if you want to manifest it)

If you are so relaxed about what you want, even to the extent of seeming to lose interest in it, it is an excellent vibrational stance from which to allow it into your physical experience.

There is a manifesting principle that states that when something feels like “no big deal” to you (or feels like the Next Logical Step in your life), then you are on the verge of receiving it. This answer explains that idea a bit more.

It’s one of the paradoxes of manifesting that by the time you are genuinely ready (vibrationally) to receive what you want (and keep it in your experience), you are no longer particularly excited by having it.

This is because you are already up to speed with the idea of it…the thrill comes about because of the vibrational gap between where you are (without it) and your vision of what it would be like to have it. The thrill is an indication that the vibrational gap still exists between where you are and what you want.

For example, just over the past month (note: I originally wrote this in 2010), I’ve had a couple of manifestations in my life that I would probably rate as spectacular as far as my own life is concerned. A year ago, I would have been amazed and delighted to have had these things happen.

But now when they have happened, I was relatively pleased (not thrilled, just pleased) for maybe a day or two and that was it really…my life just moved on to focusing on new desires that have resulted from those manifestations.

So what’s the bottom line here?

Basically, if the thought of getting what you want makes you feel so excited that it seems like your life would perfect if you could just receive that one single thing…you are vibrationally still some distance from it.

On the other hand, if you have practised the thought of having it so much that you are now almost bored by the idea of having it…then you are on the verge of receiving it. :slight_smile:


I remember reading this very same post on IQ a number of times before - and how much it didn’t feel inspiring to me.

Somehow I just wasn’t able to imagine that the thing I want to manifest so badly could become something I would lose interest in. My emotional setpoint regarding this thing was somewhere between desperately wanting it to happen and feeling excited about it.

Slowly, consciously, I managed to reduce the desperate wanting and being upset that this thing I want is not coming (by giving less meaning to outside confirming facts), and transform it to something I have mostly good, pleasant, appreciative feelings about. I was feeling pure excitement with little “taint” or yearning.

That was the point I started to question myself whether this was a good sign (other than I was feeling veeeery good about it, like exhilarating, thrilling excitement, without any real outside justifying reason being present), since I was still feeling very excited, which must have been indicating that I wasn’t vibrationally up to speed with it. But I didn’t care, milking the excitement out of it just felt good - sounds funny, but there were moments that I was so happy with the vision, it almost didn’t make a difference if it was there in my physical reality or not, I was experiencing it on some level nevertheless. Yet, a part of me still wanted to experience this thing physically, so I was wondering how long I could keep going with the pure excitement (as if the thing was already part of my experience) and not experience the “seemingly losing interest / next logical step” phenomenon.

Then, I must have reached a tipping point, because after experiencing the above situation for some days and enjoying it as it is, plus doing more conscious and determined vibrational work and Vortex alignment, now I feel so relaxed about this desire of mine, the thrill is almost gone and there is a calm, “everyday” feeling to it. To the extent that I even started feeling a bit guilty about it, that how can I now care less about something that means so much to me? I could very well carry on with the guilty feelings, if I didn’t know that this is exactly the sign that should indicate, I’m about to receive it. :slightly_smiling_face: It feels somewhat strange now, after being desperate/excited about it for so long.

The good thing is, I can genuinely say “hell yeah, I still want it”, and still generate excited feelings about it, but it doesn’t really feel like a dream any more, it feels like quite a possibility (even if I still have no clue about HOW it will manifest - not that it should matter, I like surprises :slightly_smiling_face:). So, at the moment, I’m just really curious to see how things will unfold. May it happen one way or another, it will give me more reason to carry on with the consistent vibrational work.

Thank you Stingray for this post. We might not even be able to imagine how much trial and error could have led to your conclusions.


That’s a nice way of describing it. From your description, it sounds like you’re right there, vibrationally aligned with it. You’ve just got to avoid the trap of “taking score” about whether it’s there yet or not. Hmmm…maybe we should have a webinar about that :wink:

Thanks for the insights and your suggestion - I’ll do my best. :slight_smile: The timing and the topic of the webinar just couldn’t be better, what a “coincidence”…

I seem to have entered a phase where just the idea of something is very pleasing, rather than the thing itself. Window shopping or just seeing inside a restaurant or beautiful home feels just as much, if not more, satisfying than I believe I would feel if I owned the object or house or ate at the restaurant. I will see something for sale that I like and I will think “oh how nice for whoever is going to own it” and I feel simultaneously delighted about the object, delighted that I like it, delighted for whoever is going to own it, and delighted that I don’t have to buy it, take it with me, care for it, clean it, pay taxes on it, etc.

My main motivation of manifestation has always been money. I understood that I didn’t really want money in and of itself, but the things that money could buy me, Now I’m wanting less and less, and the longing for money is naturally losing it’s grip on me. Maybe that means I’ll get a lot of money soon…but what for??? What will I do with it??? :smiley:

I can’t wait for what’s next. Evolving in my manifesting journey is the real prize for me now, whether I get anything or not hardly seems relevant at this point! Hmmmm.


For example, there’s a property next to one that I own that I have really wanted, and at one point the owner indicated that they would like to sell it to me when they are ready, but in the meantime, property values have skyrocketed, investment firms now grab up properties as quickly as possible and pay almost anything, so I had to grudgingly make peace with that the owner may choose to sell for a higher price to someone else, just so I could feel better. But now I feel absolutely fine whether I get it or not, I’m happy to buy it and happy if someone else buys it. That’s so nice to feel like this, to know whatever way it goes I’m totally OK with.