It is easier to discern improvement when you don't feel good

Get ready for it, we’ve never said this before: Because the more divergent you are from your natural state of wellness, the more obvious it is any incremental improvement.
It’s like the ceiling leaks on the floor, makes a big puddle. Wipe it up with a mop or a towel, obvious to notice the improvement.

But when every degree of moisture has left the room so that they can paint that again, that’s a higher frequency vibration. Do you see what we’re getting at?

In other words, the things that are manifested are a bulkier vibration than the things that are in The Vortex. So the things that don’t feel good that are manifested are a bulkier vibration which means (and this is the part we haven’t said to you before), which means it’s easier to discern improvement.

But because you’re impatient and you want all the improvement, you don’t let the improvement keep happening and keep happening until you’re trending all the way into what you want. Does that make sense to you?

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There’s something good here but I’m not quite getting it :thinking:


Good morning, @girlonherownisland !

I had the same thought :sweat_smile: :thinking: :innocent:

When I saw the quote, I actually thought of our last conversation which was really fun and thought-provoking for me! Sometimes, thinking about these quotes can feel a bit like solving riddles, which I think is really fun! So, thanks for commenting on it!

Obviously, I don’t know exactly what they’re referring to, but I assume this quote is part of a longer conversation? So, maybe the hot seater had a contrasting experience where they had to deal with some leaks, and when they cleaned up the mess, they felt better (because they could see the results with their own eyes)? So, it was more noticeable to them that they felt better?

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Whereas, if we just change our vibration (without taking any physical action), it can be less obvious to us that our vibration has improved, that’s why we can sometimes miss it?!

And I got the impression that they’re also talking about the Emotional Guidance Scale. When we’re in a lower vibration and manage to move up to the neutral zone, we’ll definitely notice the improvement in our vibration.

But it might be a bit more difficult to move from neutral to positive.

Curious to hear what you think!


Hi @MLC! Thanks for your reply. In all honesty I’m not sure :thinking: but I think it might be something to do with getting a bit of a vibrational bounce upwards from being out of alignment and then in alignment. I’m sure @stingray has spoken about this kind of thing before but it’s the only thing I can think Abe means here. It’s just not very clear.

It could be alluding to clearing up - as in, something negative/unwanted happens but by clearing up thoughts/feelings about it, you get more of an upward bounce than if the negative/unwanted thing hadn’t happened. But any insights welcome!


Or I’m totally misreading this and it just means that you don’t notice vibrational improvement as much when you’re aligned as you do when you’re out of alignment.


Or you notice vibrational improvement more when focusing on unwanted stuff that’s already manifested - the vibration is denser and therefore easier to feel when it then shifts upward?



This is the image that came to mind for me when I first heard the quote. It’s an image of a swinging pendulum.

See if that helps.


A running jump, true – they could also be talking about that! :thinking:

Great point!

Yeah, I agree. That’s sort of what I meant when I mentioned the Emotional Guidance Scale (I mentioned it because I sort of visualised this scenario when thinking about it, so I automatically saw the EGS in my mind’s eye):

So, yes, they might be saying that it is easier for us to notice an improvement in our vibration when we’re out of alignment (= below the neutral zone on the EGS). I was also influenced by the title which seems to express the same idea (“It is easier to discern improvement when you don’t feel good”), that’s why I interpreted it in this way.

That’s how I understood it as well. That’s sort of what I meant when I said that they can see it with their own eyes… the vibration is denser (that’s why it has manifested), so they can see it and focus on the physical results, that’s why the improvement in their vibration is more obvious to them and easier to feel (whereas it can be less obvious when things haven’t yet manifested).

:thinking: Hmmm… interesting quote… :sweat_smile:

But it’s been really fun to think about it, thanks for starting this conversation!

Great visual!


@Stingray, would it be correct to overlay the two images in this way?


Yes, that was the intention, if I’d had a bit more time :slight_smile:


Thanks @MLC and @stingray - this is much more clear to me now!