Sometimes you just get so weary of the struggle that you just let it go

Sometimes you just get so tired of not doing it that you just do it.

In other words, sometimes, even without knowing precisely how it fits in with the laws of the universe, sometimes, you just get so weary of the struggle that you just let it go because you’re weary of the struggle.

Abraham - Caribbean Cruise 2022


I keep thinking about this quote - I’m not sure why but something keeps pulling me back to it. It’s the ‘even without knowing precisely how it fits in with the laws of the universe’ that’s snagging my attention - what does Abe mean here? That sometimes we just align without knowing how we’ve done it? Is it just the idea of letting go/giving up/surrendering that they’re talking about? Anybody got any thoughts on this?


Interesting quote. Thanks for making me aware of it – I hadn’t even noticed it until you commented on it!

That’s how I’d understand it as well.

We sometimes align without knowing how because finding alignment is natural and intuitive to us.

…sounds like it… plus, they might refer to the more general idea of allowing?

It reminds me of their analogy of the stream:



I don’t know for sure, but I could imagine that they are referring to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Allowing in the sense that there is no assertion, there is only attraction:

If we want to feel good, we have to allow it (we cannot reach a good-feeling state by demanding it or by pushing for it). Someone who is struggling is not in an allowing state. They are not going with the flow, they’re pushing against it.

So, it’s about allowing something we want instead of pushing against something we don’t want… finding relief instead of struggling… turning downstream so the stream will carry us instead of paddling upstream….

But in our physical world, we’re often encouraged to struggle.

So, maybe they mean that at some point, we have enough. And even though we might not be aware of these laws, when we have enough, we naturally give up the struggle and turn downstream. Because it’s a natural and intuitive thing to do. And when we turn downstream, we’ll automatically come into alignment.

Curious to hear what you and others think…!


Thanks @MLC - I agree with everything you say here. I think the quote is about letting go/giving up/surrendering, as you say… I was just puzzled by the ‘without knowing precisely how it fits in…’ quote because that sounds a bit mysterious. Also it sounds as if it’s not about deliberate creation but about accidental creation, which intrigues/puzzles me. But everything you say matches what I’m attracting a lot of lately - about letting go - so thank you! I love that idea of just letting go of the oars, that there’s nothing else to do other than that, and I’m trying to do that in my own life… and trust that is the case (which it is). Thank you for your reply!


Thanks for your reply!

You’ve mentioned a really interesting point here. It’s something that I’ve also been thinking about in recent months.

Stingray has talked about it in various webinars and forum posts:

It’s about the difference between the allowing and the visionary mode. Or, in some of the recent webinars, he’s referred to it as the difference between the allowing side of the Virtual Vortex and the focusing/desire side of the Virtual Vortex:

We can manifest simply through our alignment/feeling good (= allowing side of the VV); if we decide to follow this path, our manifestations might seem accidental, but they’re not, because our desires are being held in our Vortex (according to the Abraham Teachings), and as we choose to deliberately keep ourselves aligned with our Vortex, our Vortex orchestrates our path of least resistance for us.

We can also choose to become more proactive and actively focus on our desires (= focusing/desire side of the VV). Then we feel more like we are the actual creators of our reality and we can enjoy the feeling of “having our hands in the clay”.

I’m just writing this because this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot! So, this conversation is a bit of a VM for me! Thanks for starting it!

A few weeks ago, I realised that Abraham used to talk a lot more about the idea that we can actively manifest our desires (= focusing side). In their newer recordings, they seem to emphasise the idea that we “should” go into the allowing mode (= allowing side). For example, the stream analogy that I’ve mentioned here comes from one of their books (titled “The Astonishing Power of Emotions”) in which they heavily focus on the allowing side.

But both sides are equally valid! So, there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

We can choose to actively focus on our desires or to simply focus on feeling good. Whatever resonates with us the most.

It’s an interesting topic! Stingray might even discuss these ideas in tomorrow’s webinar, not sure.


Thanks @MLC - I agree. I think just focusing on feeling good generally is a good way to go, and once this is established then to get more specific (which will make the energy flow faster). We’ll always have Step 1 moments though, either way - and as long as we accept that and keep finding our way back into the vortex then it’s all good :blush:


Wouldn’t you say that the vast majority of people in the world manifest their stuff by “accidental creation”?

People still get “stuff” even if they know nothing about deliberate manifesting. They just can’t repeat it on demand, that’s all, because they lack a framework of understanding of how it happened.

And so they usually attribute their successes/failures to some form of deity (or more popularly these days, “global elite”) that is arbitrarily deciding when they should get what they want and when they shouldn’t.