Being in 'The Vortex' isn't necessarily an amazing experience

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that being in the Vortex should be some big experience.

When you are genuinely habitually in the Vortex, it won’t feel like anything special at all actually.

In that situation, it will only be when something happens that kicks you out of the Vortex that you may realize just how habitual being in the Vortex has been.

An analogy might help to make the point clearer.

Imagine a plane on a runway getting ready to take off. As it speeds up down the runway, a passenger within might feel the acceleration and the bumpy runway. It can be an uncomfortable ride because of the resistance of the wheels on the runway, but there will be a noticeable sensation of speed as a result.


But after the plane has taken off and it is now cruising at high speed through a clear calm sky, the same passenger would probably feel nothing at all, despite the fast movement through the air. They might even wonder if they are moving at all.


Because there is now no resistance to the travel of the plane. Yes, there is air resistance but that is negligible compared to the resistance on the ground.

So don’t expect being in the Vortex to be some amazing experience…it will only be that when you are initially leaving resistance behind (the plane taking off). It’s only really at that time that you will naturally feel the thrill of alignment (i.e. the thrill of take-off).

After that, it will be a smooth and barely noticeable ride. You’ll mostly just experience it as a general feeling of well-being.

If you still want to experience the thrill of alignment from an habitual Vortex-aligned place, you’ll have to deliberately conjure it up by getting more specific about things that already make you feel good.


This is a huge clarification for me and puts me at ease knowing I am doing my alignments every morning but not really feeling anything huge.

I know you said to get more specific, but are there any other things that are possible to do to feel magnificent and huge surges of power? Like it’s a real massive thrill? Or is that only really possible if one does the out-of-the-vortex-and-then-into-the-vortex alignment?


If you don’t want the extreme-darkness-to-extreme-light elastic band effect then I don’t know of any way other than getting more specific with your good-feeling focus.

Specificness of focus doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to express your desires more specifically (though you can, if you wish), you can just spend time browsing through things that already make you feel good but do it from a Vortex-aligned place, so that Law of Attraction keeps purely boosting up the momentum behind the thoughts (every 16 seconds or so).

That approach lies at the heart of a method I’ve been calling Vibrational World Exploration which is what I personally use, and recommend others to use once they’ve mastered Vortex alignments and are still looking for the thrill.

There is a link to an Inward Quest answer about the method here. While the general principles are sound, I will need to rewrite that answer at some point because it is focused around the Vibrational Spreadsheet, which is not what we’re using (or going to be using) at the Manifesting Lab.

There is an Abraham quote that I came across recently that hints at the same idea:

The best use of your time is to find a moment that is pleasing & milk it for everything that it is worth.

And then, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would add them together; we would pretend as if all the happy things happened at the same time.

We’d add to it; we’d make it up; we would float it into the future. In other words, we would just get on rampages of joyous mushing & mashing of the deliciousness of our life experience.

Today’s potential for joy is beyond anything anyone has ever lived.



Yes, what you are describing as “not feeling anything huge” is somethig I’ve also been experiencing since I’m doing my vibrational routine on a more consistent basis. I’d say it’s a pleasant, but not too thrilling, calm, fine feeling throughout the day, a light but steady sense of well-being.

As for getting some additional surges of great feelings, what I generally enjoy doing when already in the Vortex, is the Virtual Reality process, usually combined with some music which uplifts me. In my experience it manages to take my Vortex alignment to the next level - or, at least, that’s what it feels like. Sometimes when I really get going with my visions and fantasies, I reach moments when I start wondering where the ecstatic feelings max out, because at times it seems there’s always higher. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I think when you are already used to being in the Vortex, that could be a time to do some extra Gridwork and practice some “fast energy emotions”. This is what I’ve been doing lately and it seems to give me additional great feelings to enjoy. Though, I’m relatively new to this routine, so there is a chance it might become less exciting to me later on - we’ll see. But for now it’s great fun and I like experimenting and aiming higher and higher with the feelings I can generate. (And if there are some side-effects i.e. physical manifestations, that’s not a problem. :smile: And if not… well, then I have to put up with just feeling great for no reason, poor me. :slightly_smiling_face:)


@stingray with his weird Voodoo and Psychic powers strikes again! This post could not be more timely!

Funny how I missed seeing this post earlier this morning when I was at a much lower vibration.

I had a significant Vibrational Match this morning which fits in with this post very well … actually there are two separate Vibrational Matches in this post alone.

I was following a similar perspective of reality that is based around Abe, Power of Now etc before I found Abe and Stingrays posts on IQ etc.

The reality creation principles were the same as taught by Abraham and Stingray. However the approach to it was different.

The idea was to build a space of awareness between You and your thoughts. To stop identifying and believing your thoughts and just observe them. Allow the momentum and intensity of them to die down. This was “Phase 3” of awakening.

(This is a great process if you have such high negative mind momentum, you get so caught up in your thoughts, you simply forget to start applying the Processes.)

This is a bit like taking your foot of the throttle analogy from Abraham.

Once things have died down you should be in a relatively neutral but good feeling place. Much like Stingray has described here.

Then you enter “Phase 4” which is a return to focus where you start focusing in the direction of your desires.

Prior to Abe and Stingray I was never sure when you would know if you were in Phase 4, or if I would ever reach it. I have since stopped following that method of reality since finding Abe.

Then today when contemplating all this reality creation stuff, and how to know when I was in the vortex, I had a car drive past with the number plate “Phase 4”. And life has certainly been calling me to make some decisions and use some focus towards what I want.

Then this post came, which is basically describing how I have been feeling the vortex to be.

Funnily enough “Phase 4” was also described as being just like Stingray described in this post. And that at times you may need to generate those high feeling states to start some momentum towards what you desire, and prevent lethargy.

The other vibrational match is, I have been going around in circles about following up on some inspiration about applying for a job on a Boeing 777. I have had heaps of vibrational matches to the aircraft lately, and then I was thinking about putting some focus into heading that direction today, and then stingray puts a 777 in this post!

My posts always end up being so long!


A timely post for me. Thank you to all the posters for your wisdom and clarifying thoughts, and thank you Ms Automatic Bumper🤩

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