The Magnetic Quality of the Vortex - Neutralizing limiting beliefs without doing anything about them

Staying in a dominantly feeling good place (“Vortex aligned”) has other benefits to it than just you feeling good.

If you can manage to keep yourself in the vicinity of the Vortex most of the time, you can actually override the principle of “Your vibration on any subject always stays where you last left it”

(While you can’t stay in the Vortex 100% of the time over your lifetime, you can limit how far out of it you allow yourself to drift.)


The Vortex has a kind of magnetic quality to it. If you remain in the vicinity of it, you will find yourself drawn into it. There is no way to force yourself into the Vortex, all you can do is just hang around the edge of it until you feel magnetically drawn in.

In the Advanced Version of the Focus Blocks Method, you keep doing Positive Aspects until you feel that subtle shift within you indicating Vortex alignment has happened and then you can write out a Rampage of Appreciation to confirm your Vortex entry.

You can use this magnetic quality of the Vortex to prevent yourself being drawn back down to your original vibrational setpoints regarding a particular subject i.e. you can avoid getting dragged back to your previous limiting beliefs.

In the picture above, it’s as though the magnet is preventing the balls from rolling downhill to the right (back to the usual limiting beliefs). There is still a (gravitational) force on the balls but the magnetic force overrides them… if the balls are close enough to the magnet .

The practical application of this is that by remaining in the Vortex vicinity (even when out of it), you can intersect your previous vibrational setpoints on a subject at a better-feeling level than before i.e. you never let the balls drift too far from the magnet.

So what this basically comes down to is that if you stay good-feeling consistently for long enough (to the point that feeling good is easy), you can deactivate the effect of your existing limiting beliefs without having to do anything at all about changing them.

Hmmm…it’s almost like that 30 Day Vortex Challenge thing might be worth trying after all… :slight_smile: