Testing for Vortex Alignment

You can get so used to the habit of feeling good that you don’t even realize you are feeling good.

Once you reach that state, you are actually going to find it quite difficult to know whether you are in the Vortex or not because it’s only when give your attention to something that knocks you out of the Vortex that you’ll really notice the difference.

I use two tests to check for this habitual Vortex state. You don’t need to do them both.

  1. Write out a Rampage of Appreciation. If you can genuinely do this without any negative reaction, you are “there”.
  2. Try meditating for 10-15 minutes. If you feel exactly the same before the session as you did after the session, you are “there”.

You can feel “relief” from anywhere on the vibrational scale, even from the most joyous feeling you can possibly feel because there is no upper limit to that emotional scale.

But you won’t feel a “rush” or a “high” unless you are going from firmly outside the Vortex to inside the Vortex. After that, you just feel a little better if you need some fine-tuning but nothing much more than that.

That’s why that the true enjoyment of life comes in the molding of the vibration ( “doing the processes” ) because by the time the physical manifestation comes, you’ll be relatively bored of it