What are the symptoms when your vibration is rising?

What are some symptoms, or are there symptoms, when your vibration is rising?

Well, it depends on how much resistance there is created by negative belief systems or limiting belief systems.

It can be experienced as somewhat painful if higher frequency energies are attempting to get through your neurological pathway. In the same way, if you kink a water hose, it’s more challenging for the water to get through and can cause leakages to occur at other places.

So resistance can cause pain, can cause symptoms of disease and so on and so forth. So the idea is to become less resistant to that flow of energy, follow The Formula, live your life of joy and fulfilment, be your true self and the resistance will fade.

Let go of those belief systems that are fear based, that don’t belong to you, that don’t work for you and the resistance will fade and the higher frequencies will be more capable of going through you as you become more conductive, super-conductive and hyper-conductive.

Bashar - Becoming A Galactic Citizen - Part 2: The Door - March 2023