You've truly changed if you respond differently even if things look the same

Remember, the measure of change is not whether the outside world or anyone else ever changes.

The true measure of change is how you respond differently, even if things still look the same. That’s what lets you know you’ve truly changed.

Bashar - Becoming A Galactic Citizen - Part 2: The Door - March 2023


Presumably - if you can hold the vibration though, then things will change. But this is the first sign?


True change

Yes, this is the sign that you have changed, and because you now have truly changed, physical reality can now change as well (because, according to Bashar, physical reality is just a reflection of our state of being).

Physical reality is really nothing more than a mirror of the energetic state of being that we choose to be in, based on the beliefs we hold to be true. (…)


Physical reality is actually a mirror: your physical reality is just a reflection of what you most strongly believe to be true. And like a mirror, physical reality will not change unless you change first.


Vibrational “tests”/ boundaries

This phenomenon is what Bashar has sometimes referred to as vibrational “tests”. When you respond differently, even though the outside still looks the same, you’re sort of pushing through a vibrational boundary (= you’re “passing” the “test”).

It is a sign that you have truly changed because you do not feel the need to look to the outside to confirm that you have changed, you simply know in your heart that you (your beliefs) have changed (can’t find a relevant quote right now).


I found a quote!

That’s the test!

The test is not whether the outside reality has changed to reflect the change you say you’ve made. The test is whether you respond to the outside reality differently than you did before, even if it still looks the same.


Because when you base the idea of what happens in your outer reality to determine whether or not you have changed, you’re giving your power away to the illusion, instead of simply knowing that you have changed and behaving like you know it. It’s that simple.

It has nothing to do with how the outer reality looks. It has to do with how you relate to it, how you respond to it.


A longer version of this quote can be found in this thread:

That’s the test!


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I would soften down the word “hold” …it implies effort is required when in fact giving up the effort (of keeping resistance in place) is what you’re looking for.

Think of Abraham’s analogy of holding a cork underwater and then letting it go.

Or clutching balloons, and then releasing them.


The Law of Attraction is really all about just letting go and letting in


So, the idea of the Law of Attraction is not that you have to learn how to attract, it’s not that you have to necessarily be the vibration of that thing in order to attract it precisely, though there is some truth to that.

But more fundamentally, the idea is just stop keeping away the things that are trying to get to you that are representative of your true vibration and stop holding on to the things that are not representative of it.

That said, the Law of Attraction is really all about just letting go and letting in.


The Law of Attraction - Bashar

In a sense, it’s like you’re testing yourself

Here’s a very empowering perspective: Bashar says that we are (actively) “testing” ourselves to determine whether we really want the circumstances to change.


So, in a sense, it’s like you’re testing yourself. It’s like you’re giving yourself an opportunity to decide whether you really do want the circumstances to change by first presenting yourself very often with the same set of circumstances to see if you respond differently to them, making a clear commitment that you have in fact vibrationally changed your state of being.

Once you have then done that and respond differently to the same set of circumstances, then you have established that you truly have changed, and then the circumstances can reflect that change.


Bashar channeling - Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters


@MLC @stingray So really it’s about just continually letting go (ie. letting go of resistance). I do often tell myself to ‘soften’ but sometimes forget to do it. The key is remembering.


The more helpful mental model is just to think in terms of retuning your personal (vibrational) receiver.

When you are retuning a TV, radio etc, you don’t think in terms of having to “hold” the new frequency you’ve tuned to, or “continually letting go” of the old frequency. You just retune the dial and that’s it. It’s done. You just enjoy the broadcasts on this new frequency.

Just shifting the mental model like this to a less effortful analogy can lead to an easier and more relaxed manifesting mindset, and thereby better results.

I’ll be talking more about this kind of stuff in the upcoming Manifesting The Impossible webinar.


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