Live demonstration of Abraham's new Calibration Process

Abraham have been hinting for some time at a new gentler clean-up process which I guess we’ll have to call The Calibration Process since they don’t seem to have officially named it yet.

I’ve been trying for some time to extract the step-by-step mechanics of it from various recordings.

I came across one recording that was specific and detailed enough for me to provide a live video demonstration of the process in action (using a Vibrational Nudging sheet) so hopefully it will be clear enough to get you started with it.

There is no reason you couldn’t do this process on paper if you wanted, and that is actually the way that Esther Hicks has been doing it.

The reason the process works is because the momentum of general thought on a subject from your Higher/Broader Self is far more powerful than the momentum of specific thought from your Physical Self on the same subject.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Some helpful calibration questions…

  • What does my Inner Being think?
  • Who am I dominantly?
  • In my life in general, I am…

Want more?

For another live demonstration and explanation of this process, see Ben’s Hotseat webinar


What an interesting match. I came across a very similar process from someone who follows Neville Goddard earlier this week. Slight difference in technique, but the same concept … must be something to it!!

Really it’s all about re-writing the story we keep telling ourselves.


I’ve been playing around quite a bit with this process and I wanted to highlight just how clever, subtle and powerful it is.

I’ll list a few random points below that might not be obvious in a superficial examination of it…

  • The basic principle of the process is that you are dipping your toes into a powerful positive river of thought on purpose - the one that flows from your Inner Being…you are NOT trying in any way to deliberately make yourself feel better about your “problem subject”…the natural momentum of the positive river of thought will do that for you automatically.

  • For an explanation of negative rivers of thought, see the “Vibrational Nudging Recap” section of the Controlling Uncontrollable Thoughts webinar

  • It is the activation of your “problem subject” so close in time to the activation of the Inner Being’s positive river of thought that sweeps the “problem subject” along to a different vibrational place without you even needing to focus upon the subject (apart from the initial activation)

  • When activating the “problem subject”, do it systematically - first ask yourself “What happened?” (that made you feel bad) and then be real about “How did it make you feel?”

  • You must jump as quickly as possible after the activation of the “problem subject” into the calibration questions. This is to ensure the subject gets swept into the positive momentum.

  • The calibration questions you ask yourself do not need to be connected in any way to the “problem subject”. This is a key point. This process is not about finding positive aspects of that bad-feeling subject. You are not trying in any way to mold that subject to a better-feeling place.

  • The calibration questions should be general in nature and can be about anything that causes you to connect to the stream (river of thought) of your Inner Being. Abraham recommend trying “opposing questions”. For example, “Does my life generally go well, or not well?”, “Do things usually work out for me, or do they not usually work out for me?” and so on. It doesn’t matter what you focus on, or use as your excuse to align, as long as it is general enough to cause you to feel a connection to your Inner Being/Broader Self in that moment.

  • You will sometimes feel like launching into a Rampage of Appreciation on a general topic as you feel your calibration to the positive river of thought kick in. Go with that impulse even if you end up spending 10-15+ minutes enjoying the Rampage. It doesn’t matter that the Rampage is off the “problem subject”. Remember that we are just trying to dip our toes into that powerful river of thought that the Inner Being naturally flows, we are not trying to change anything about the original subject.

  • Sometimes during the Rampage, you may even feel like getting specific on the original subject again but do not try to force this to happen. In fact, it makes no difference to the process whether you do or you don’t revisit the subject. If you do revisit the “problem subject” in that session, don’t try to fix it…you are only going with the flow of how good you are feeling and it just so happens that it now feels good to think about that subject again.

  • You don’t have to deal with the “problem subject” again unless it naturally reactivates in your life. If it does, then just repeat the process. It doesn’t matter if that subject reactivates many, many times…you haven’t failed, that’s just how the process works. Each time you do this simple and quick process, you are “nudging” the thought into a better feeling place. It’s similar to the positive-nudging approach in “The Ultimate Soothing Thought” idea in the Controlling Uncontrollable Thoughts webinar

  • Often other subjects will come to mind as you calibrate the existing one. Go with the flow of the process, and allow yourself to play with those subjects as well. A calibration session may deal with a number of completely unrelated subjects one after the other. This is fine because we are not trying to deliberately shift the vibrational setpoints of those bad-feeling subjects, we are just exposing them to that powerful positive fast-flowing river of thought and letting them get swept up in it.

  • Because of this tendency to bring up unrelated subjects, calibration sessions can all be done in one document, unlike Vibrational Nudging which works best with a separate document for each subject. This makes the Calibration Process easy and quick to apply. And you can discard any vibrational work you’ve done with it as soon as you are finished…only the improved feeling right now matters. (If you are using a single spreadsheet for this process, you can just keep adding sessions to the end of it if you want)

Hope that’s helpful in understanding this ingenious process :slight_smile:


I haven’t had a chance to watch the all of the Hot Seat webinar discussing this, so this may have been discussed.

But I am finding significant power in this “process”.

I have been pondering and incorporating this process gradually the last week or so. Apart from actually doing this process in writing, or on a computer. I am finding it a very useful tool to use mentally through the day too.

As I go through my day, and I watch how I feel and address any negative emotional states, I find running through this process mentally to be very very good for aligning.

I have found the “power” for me in this process, is it allows me to accept where I am on a situation, and simply let go of it.

It gives me permission to not like things.

Trying to clean things up, find better feeling thoughts on something, or to feel better about things. Feels like pushing against. Cleaning up etc is good for getting to a neutral point, but then our job is to get back in the stream. With this process we let go of resistance, and the bad topic/vibration.

I have realised, that I have had a belief that I have to like everything. That I have to be at peace with everything. When that is not what we came to do. We are supposed to both like and dislike things … then place our focus in the direction we like. We don’t need to find a way to like the things we don’t like. Just let them go.

In a toned down polite way of how this works for me …

If negative thoughts or a situation arise. Instead of pushing against, or trying to clean it up, or feel better about it … If I say to myself “You know what, this is crap, and I don’t like it” … in that moment, I drop all resistance, and I accept life as it is. I may complain a bit, until I feel better. But I feel a moment of relief and letting go. How much I complain is relative tot the momentum and “size” of the topic.

I feel relief, and then I can calibrate myself and jump into the positive stream of life, by following the process as taught above.


I forgot to mention this in the webinar. The process seems to work almost as powerfully if you just do it in your head in the moment of a bad-feeling emotion.


@Andy and @stingray I’ve been doing it really frequently in my head and finding it extremely helpful as well. The only issue I’ve been bumping up against just a bit is perhaps feeling like I’ve started overusing the same calibration questions (in an effort to stay very general). I’m working on adding some questions to my toolkit, and if anybody wants to share some of the questions they find helpful, I would definitely appreciate that.


@Amla I felt the same way. I felt a little “flat” getting started.

However I just watched @stingray’s video again above, where he demonstrates this process as Abraham talks. And I found their example of being really general works powerfully.

I think I was being too specific on the positive side. Instead I am finding it pays to be super simple, such as …

I am blessed
I am loved
I am adored
I have an Inner Being
I have my Emotional Guidance
I am peace
I am open
I am free

Even starting with desired emotions works for me too.

I am satisfied
I am secure
I am happy
I am joyful
I am excited
I am eager
I am the best
I get the best
I deserve only the best
I have desires
I love my desires
My desires give me life
I am easy
This is easy
This is fun

Just keep going.

There are years worth of videos on YouTube of Abraham demonstrating going general and positive, which I am finding very useful.


What I’ve been doing is to use the generality as my initial “foot in the door” and then as soon as I feel the energy start to flow, I start getting into a fairly specific rampage about anything that comes to mind that’s easy to rampage about.

It seems to keeps things fairly fresh because every session is completely different and I’m not overusing general statements. And if one is building one’s Virtual Vortex, there should be a reasonable selection of specific subjects available to choose from.

Once I feel the full flow kick in (and the original subject feels swept away in it), I give myself the option of stopping when I feel like it.

Thinking about it, it might be worth trying that a bit more systematically…get the general flow going and then open up the Virtual Vortex and browse around the good stuff to keep the flow going. Just a theory, not tried it yet.


This is what I have been tempted to do naturally and held back as I wasn’t sure if I should be aiming to stay general—this totally makes sense to get grounded in the general and allow specific good feeling thoughts to fill in.

I noticed @Andy you are using mostly statements (versus questions) and I see Abraham also in that example starts off with the question, moving into some statements. From what I remember of the webinar, Stingray focused mostly on questions with Ben, and here he is describing some statements after getting grounded.

I think the question/statement mixture could be different for everyone, but in case this helps others who build unwanted momentum quickly, I wanted to note that focusing in questions is really helping me because unlike statements (which has always been the core of Abraham teachings), the questions force me to stop the habitual momentum, break the painful thought, and come up with an answer. (I should note that all of this is in my mind, in the moment of a trigger.)

Yes, they are “leading questions,” lol. But I still have to pause—even for an instant—to answer them, and the chain of pain starts to break.

I think I’m the poster child for having tons of painful triggers and none of the clean-up methods working all that well—a very challenging combination. If this continues to help, it would be a beautiful thing.


I also find the same thing with using those “leading questions” to get going.

They can be truly absurd and they still work because they interrupt your usual pattern.

I’ve used things as absurd as…

  • Generally, do I know what I’m doing, or do I not know what I’m doing?
  • Generally, do I mess things up or do I do things right?
  • Generally, am I an idiot or am I sensible? (Had to think about that one a bit :wink: )

…and so on


Bahahaha, me too—that one works well because I had to think about that one about myself, plus it cracks me up.

I guess it’s something like, “Don’t confuse the witness!”


That wasn’t intentional, it was just reflective of how I was feeling in the moment when I wrote that. I just fell straight into the flow just thinking mostly of emotions.

I would say using questions, and leading questions would work for me most.

In fact there is a process I stumbled upon on the Abraham forums called the questions game. I used it briefly with good success, but sort of dropped because I thought it was too simple. Now I know what a mistake that was! However, I am going to try it again, as it may work well with this process.

The theory being, you just constantly keep asking yourself feel good questions. Don’t try and answer them, just keep asking. Eventually the universe will answer these questions, due to the Law Of Attraction.

Here are 2 threads showing the questions game at work …

I really enjoyed it, and was a way to feel really good.

That is a dilemma … I have much more fun as an idiot!


Thanks for the suggestion and links @Andy. I am very drawn to this process. It ticks the boxes of fun and lazy yet action-y enough to satisfy the action urge. I have been looking for a mental process that I can use quickly and easily anytime, and this may fit the bill. :blush:


Another Abraham calibration process demonstration…


Great video!

I love the power of the questions approach that Abraham uses. It is very open ended, and allows us to be lead to a good feeling place. There is no pressure to answer the questions, just allow the good feelings to lead the direction.

It is a very quick way to align with the stream. It is so simple, yet so powerful.


Interesting observations with this Calibration process, grid work, meditation. And a lot of spare time confined to home!!

The Calibration process is a fantastic tool for maintaining alignment through the day. If our priority is to feel good before anything else. This process is perfect for it. It is ideal for shifting your self talk during the day, which ultimately shifts our vibration.

The process is also wonderful for learning to appreciate the value of contrast. Contrast is here to help you focus. Contrast is fantastic, and with a Calibration process, it becomes super fun when you can get more specific. I find the most fun, is Calibrating to the opposite of what is bothering me, because that is where the details of my Vortex and desires reveal themselves.

With all those problems in our realities, we only need to get to the neutral point. Once we do that it will drop away. It’s only an issue because we have a practiced vibration that is a match. If we keep Calibrating when things come up, eventually it wont bother us, and the issues will resolve themselves.

With grid work. I have noticed after a few days, thoughts, vortex specifics, new ideas, observations related to those grid work emotions. Begin to be the first signs/manifestations of these emotions starting to become more dominant, and begin to rise above our awareness threshold.

That awareness threshold is important to notice. Because you may not realise the thoughts or actions your taking initially are a match to the feelings you’re deliberately generating.

Then things start to show up in manifestations, particularly for the slow energy emotions. For example I have been generating Satisfaction the last 10 days. I find I am completing Satisfying jobs around the house that I have put off. Watching Satisfying videos of things that interest me, finding Satisfying things about stuff I like in my life. Note, I am allowing myself to be lead to doing these things, I am not figuring it out or forcing it.

All it takes is the most subtle inspiration, I really have to be listening to think/feel it. It is not a “hell yes”, but the nudges get bigger and more obvious as I get more aligned into a faster flow, and let go further into allowing my IB to lead the way. If there is resistance to an action, then I am forcing it.

Also, how much energy I am allowing to flow is perfect at any one time. If I allowed too much to flow, I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Just like I wouldn’t be ready to receive all my desires at once. Each day as I align further, things can flow a bit faster. It is easy to get frustrated at the slower pace, (which is being perfectly reflected by this lock down). But the speed at which things are happening are perfect right now.

I have kept looking to get an idea of how long this lockdown will go on. Because part of me doesn’t want it to end. But I believe it will last as long as it takes me to establish in my new way of life. Once the new habits have established.

Enjoying the excitement of certain desires far out on the leading edge is something I am learning to appreciate. Because they will never be as exciting as they are now. When they manifest, they will seem totally normal … definitely fun, but probably a bit “slow” … don’t be afraid of how “big”, crazy or unrealistic desires feel, just role with it in your mind and enjoy it.

On a separate note, I have noticed that I am financially better off when I am not working. I either have more cashflow coming in, or am just in a much more comfortable financial position. This may be related to the feeling of Freedom I feel when I am not working. It must be trying to tell me something!!!


This process seems to be one that you can use quite effectively (and secretly) on others.

For example…

PERSON: “Blah, blah, moan, blah, blah, complain, blah, blah, life’s so bad…” etc

YOU: “Oh really. How do you feel about that?”

PERSON: “It makes me feel so blah, blah, blah. I just get so blah, blah, blah”

YOU: (apparent sudden change of subject) “Just wondering, that new blah, blah, blah you’ve got. Do you like it, or not like it?” etc etc

All that is then required is that you ink stamp them on the forehead with "You’ve just been calibrated"


On second thoughts, perhaps the last step is optional :wink:


Someone posted this on the Abe forum, I just copied it; it’s a transcription of a workshop segment. I found this example quite helpful as well:

“A relationship calibration”

[…You’ve just meditated, and so]
Your vibration is clear, and you are calibrated to your Inner being. And so, you’ve decided to really isolate, calibrate, tend to, tune to the frequency of you.

So you sit for a little while after you’ve meditated, and you make some statements on a page about emotional things which are indicators of your calibration, and you don’t write things you do not mean but you write things and you mean them and you’ve practised them enough that you’re pretty good at it and so you write things like:

I feel eager about this day.
I feel frisky about this day.
I feel blessed in this day.

Now the first day [you] sit to do this, maybe not so much, but after you do this for a little while, it takes some doing to calibrate to your blessed-ed-ness when not-so blessed things are sometimes happening.

But you can do it, and your calibration is every thing because your calibration to your Source Energy is your point of attraction. So:

I feel blessed, and I feel eager,
and I feel expansive,
and I feel ready,
and I feel open.

And I feel full of myself, and I feel fun.

And I feel strong,
and I feel intuitive,
and I feel flexible,
and I feel balanced.

I feel good.
I feel really, really good.
I feel good.

So, you calibrate.

Now what happens, whether you write it or just say it, it’s better to write it because you’ll focus better. And it’s better to do it the next day and the next day and the next day because after a little while, it really catches on, and when you write those words you feel the resonance of them because it lights your inner being up with you. The two of you become a powerful dynamic, powerful good-feeling team.

It’s the awesome power, or we like to say it, the awesome pleasure of non-resistant thought that you’ve got going on with your non-physical partner. That’s a powerful point of attraction. . . . you’re all tuned in to that, and now the image that Esther has in mind: she’s in this energy bubble and she’s now moving out into the world. . . because she’s tuned to all things wanted, things wanted are lighting up all around her. And those lighted up things are her world.

And the things she didn’t calibrate to, like nobody-loves-me, or resentment, or what’s-up-with-that, or that-was-rude-of-you, or whaaaat-I’ve-given-all-this-to-you-and-you-feel-that-way-about-me, since that’s not what she is calibrated to, since she’s calibrated to who she really is, as she moves through the world, she’s in sync with the source. Things that match the way she feel show up.

. . .

Let’s say the world you’ve moved out into is right now small—it’s just your thought world. It’s just your thoughts of people that you know. And because you’ve calibrated to this, people that are gonna come to your mind are people that are calibrated there with you. People that are in a bad mood aren’t gonna come to your mind. People not in love with life and not in love with themselves aren’t gonna come to your mind.

And so, just in your thought world, you are already cleaner. Purer. More calibrated. But then, you move into the day. Then you move into the conversations. Just the ideas of who you’ll reach out to will be about what you’re calibrated to.

. . .

You’ve been calibrating to others’ response of you. As if that has anything to do with anything. Because they like that one individual [referring to the person in the HSer’s question with whom he has a troubled relationship], like the world at large, is a mixed bag that will give you what you’re calibrated to.

. . .

Pay no attention to where they’re at. Only give attention to where you’re at. Tend to your own calibration, and then watch what happens.

. . .

When you’ve learnt to calibrate to your own wholeness—calibrate to your joy, calibrate to your love, calibrate to your clarity—now you can love them. You can love all of them. They don’t threaten you.

. . .

Esther had the experience in the last few days that just knocked her over because what someone thought wasn’t what she thought, and it was about her. How could that possibly be? How could that possibly be? How could you not think the same thing that I think about me? How could you not? how could you not?

The first reaction when something like that happens is sadness. Then some anger. Then some resentment. Just gets worse and worse. . . after a little while though . . . then you ask yourselves the question—so Esther sat to write her segment intending, that’s where she calibrates. And she just asked herself the question—because she felt resentful, and she felt picked on, most of all she felt misunderstood, and then she thought, wait a minute, Just wait a minute. I’ve been calibrating for months in my book. I’m gonna let that be the basis of this stupid stuff?

As soon as she just asked herself right out loud, Esther, which do you feel more? Resentment or blessed? No contest! B-L-E-S-S-E-D-exclamation point, exclamation point, circle, circle, circle. Which do you feel more? Resentment or love? [Laughs to herself]. oh these are easy questions. Love.

Who am I? What do I feel? What do I choose to feel? What do I calibrate to? Really, am I gonna calibrate to who I am or to who somebody who doesn’t know who I am thinks I am?

You got that choice all day, every day, all day, every day.

~ Abraham-Hicks, Phoenix, AZ, December 07, 2019

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@MLC what a great transcript, thank you for sharing. It really resonated with some clarity about feelings and emotions, and their connection to external reality, that I am having.


@Andy " have kept looking to get an idea of how long this lockdown will go on. Because part of me doesn’t want it to end. But I believe it will last as long as it takes me to establish in my new way of life. Once the new habits have established."

I’m going through this also. I’m completely alone since 5 weeks now, as my SO and I ended up having to shelter-in-place 1500 miles apart, just how it played out.

I’m excited to be together again when it happens but at the same time I am thoroughly enjoying being able to experience such intense focus on myself, without the distraction of another person or stuff to do out there. I’m treasuring my alone time!