Living in the present increases your lifespan

When I’m very focused in this Right Now, it’s like time is expanding.

Yes, when you stay in the moment, you don’t experience as much time. But from the point of view of everyone else, you actually live longer because you’re not ageing as much by not experiencing the passage of time as much by living in the present. Because the amount of time you feel like you experienced is the actual amount of time you’ve actually aged.

So if you’re focused on your passion and it feels like 15 minutes has gone by and then you look up and you see that two hours have passed, that may be true for the rest of the world but you’ve only aged 15 minutes because that’s the amount of time you experienced.

That’s the amount of time you created in that moment, only 15 minutes as opposed to 2 hours. That’s what living in the present does for you.

So it actually increases your lifespan but at the same time it collapses the amount of time you actually experience.

And it will be [a] meaningful 15 minutes?

Yes, of course. Absolutely, totally meaningful because you’re focused on your passion which is your truth.

Bashar - Persistence of Vision - May 2023