Relationships: Leave when it becomes impossible to love

We hear your questions. You say, “Well, when is enough enough [in a relationship]”?

And we say there’s a question that you have to answer first before you can hear the answer to that question.

When you are someone who can more easily love than not, then when it becomes impossible to love, then it’s time to leave.

“Abraham, so what are you saying? I should never have enough of something and then move on?”

What we’re saying is, don’t leave because you’ve had enough of something. Leave because you’re being called to what you really want and who you really are.

But you’ve got to practice this enough to know. So many decisions that so many of you make are not being made because you’re tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and you’re being called.

So many decisions you make are because something that you don’t want, you’re pushing against that, and in pushing against it, you’re sort of moving in a different direction. But you’re really wanting to tune into the whole of who you are. And let your decisions come from that.

Abraham Now broadcast - January 2, 2021


So, is this like when your desires have expanded way beyond your current relationship? It feels like being drawn to something greater, something more of who you are now because you have expanded, your vortex has expanded, your desires have expanded from the experience and contrast of the current relationship? To which something new, ‘better’, more compatible, more of a match to you, is now in your vortex signalling to you like a beacon, pulling you towards it to sort of speak?

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Yes, you are being pulled to something better, rather than trying to escape from something you don’t like (which only carries your existing vibration along with you).