The best way to live in harmony in the planet is through grounding

This [your alignment] is also about you living in harmony with the planet and one of the ways that you do that, the best way, the fastest way that you do that is through grounding.

Ground and connect with Mother Earth because she is going to send you the signals that you need in order to be in resonance with her, to create this beautiful harmony with her. And it will help you tremendously.

If you can get out in nature, we know it’s not always possible certain times of the year for some of you. So just imagine connecting with the core of Mother Earth. That will be enough to get you started.

But there’s also all different kinds of technology that you can use today, whether it’s grounding mats or using crystals to help you connect with the Earth - crystals that literally are coming out of the earth.

And so you can connect with that energy. Some are better than others in terms of really honing and finding the frequencies of grounding. But that will help you in terms of being able to connect with the planet.

And then, as you do that, you will by extension of that connection, automatically have a desire to live in harmony with Mother Nature, all other life forms on Earth.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - ‘Harmony’ Galactic Light Code - November 2023