If you're anchored you can weather any storm

Even though there may be crises going on all around you, you can stand in a more balanced, energized state so that you can be of service in a greater way, so that you can be anchored in the storm.

We’ve given this analogy before, but we’ll give it again. So think of yourself like a bobber on the ocean. And think of a big plastic ball and it’s anchored. So when the waves are big, if you’re not anchored and you’re that plastic ball, you’re going to go right away with wherever that wave takes you.

But if you’re anchored, you’re going to ride it, you’re going to go up and down, but you’re going to stay where you are. And it’s not going to be a problem.

So you know, that’s our intention with sharing this with you. And just to remind you that you have the ability to weather any storm, and you are the living example. You are the lighthouse for others.

And we’ve said this before as well. Know that you don’t have to go out and seek the ships who need support. The lighthouse stands its ground and emanates its light, its frequency.

So the ships can be drawn in. And that is what you will do as you are re-harmonizing, rebalancing, recalibrating your field on a regular basis.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - ‘Rebalancing Your Energetic Field,’ Galactic Light Code - August 2021