Every moment is an opportunity for you to be born again

Every moment is really an opportunity for you to resurrect yourself, to be born again. You are the phoenix from the flame. You have the opportunity to be a brand new version of you in every single moment.

For most of you, your belief systems don’t shift dramatically from moment to moment. So your reality doesn’t seem to shift dramatically and you don’t think of yourself as being born again every single moment. But in truth, you are.

It is your beliefs that you are holding that get re-created moment after moment after moment. When you make radical shifts in your belief systems and you set up a vibrational foundation that is radically different than the previous moment, that is what you experience as miracle.

So in one moment, you may be ill, you may not be feeling well, the belief systems that you’re holding support that as a physical experience.

And then the next moment, you radically shift your beliefs to yourself as an aspect of the Divine, that anything is possible, that time is not involved in the shifting of frequency. And you re-align yourself with these higher vibrational energies. The physical structure immediately comes along for the ride and that’s when things like spontaneous healing occur.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - ‘Resurrection’ Galactic Light Code - August 2023