The process of descension and ascension is interesting to the soul

Your power is infinite. You have everything you need within yourself to create a remarkable life, a life filled with happiness, joy, abundance. And what you’re working on right now is letting go of the illusions that tell you otherwise. It is this conditioning that you’ve had.

This is the process in terms of the planetary game. It was a game of descension and re-ascension. So these programs were necessary in order for you to play the game. But part of the game is also to let go of the programs. Can I buy into the story and then re-discover who I truly am? - because this process of descension and ascension is interesting to the soul.

The soul says, “Well, I know who I am. I know I am one with All-That-Is. But what would it be like if I forgot? How would that change my emotional experience? How would that change the decisions that I would make, the thoughts that I would have? And then, could I remember, after going through that, who I truly am, a spark of the divine?”

So it’s an interesting game to the soul. And so this dimension was created. And this version of reality that you’re currently experiencing was manifested for this very adventure.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - July 2023