Every single experience you have is priceless to the collective

Every single experience that you have is priceless to the collective, not only for Mother Earth but the entire universe, because your experience is stored in the universal record.

And there are beings who are accessing these records of what it is like to be in your current vibrational state and to have the experience that you are having. They’re able to access that and learn from it without having to go into an incarnational cycle.

We always liken it to someone writing a recipe for you. If you don’t know how to bake a cake and you just start throwing ingredients together and hoping for the best, it’s probably not going to turn out very well. But if someone gives you a recipe and how to do it, it makes it much easier for you then.

Is it the best cake ever? No, maybe there’s some practice that needs to happen. But now you know how to do it and what needs to go into it and you can make your tweaks from there. And so it is with these beings and other aspects in other parts of the universe. They are able to learn from your experience.

You’re writing a recipe for that frequency that you have just experienced. There’s a dash of this emotion, there’s a dash of this mindset, and this is how it is created. And so they can access the frequency.

And then they can spin off from there and create their own unique expression. But they didn’t have to go into density to get it. They didn’t have to go into an incarnational cycle to get it.

And there are beings in other dimensional ranges who live this way. They take the vibrational experiences from many different systems, and it helps them and aids them in creating something that’s brand new.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - April 2023