Every thought or emotion that you have is priceless

Every thought, every emotion that you have is priceless. It is recorded not only in your energetic field but it is recorded in the Akashic Realm and beings throughout the universe can access these records without having to go through an incarnational process. They can learn and grow.

So, for you, you might be sitting in your living room thinking that the conversation you’re having with a loved one isn’t really important but it might be the thing that helps shift an entire society as they are accessing the records and the experiences that you are having in your living room.

So it is oftentimes impossible for you from your current vantage point to see the inherent worth and value of everything that you create.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - ‘Worthy’ Galactic Light Code - April 2023


Really fascinating stuff.

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Yes, it’s the holographic nature of the Universe… the whole is contained in each part… expressed in many spiritual/mystical teachings as “As Above, So Below”.