It has tremendous value when you 'fail'

Many of you beat yourselves up endlessly because you think that somehow, you aren’t enough, you haven’t done enough, you failed to do something, you did it wrong, you didn’t act in the highest way possible, and you cannot forgive yourself, you’re just not deserving of it.

But again, you are an infinite being of divine light. And even the things that are seemingly negative have great value and worth. Because in a dualistic universe when you have the opposite, it gives you something to compare and contrast to. It gives you a perspective.

When it’s all one, it is very difficult to see the whole and the uniqueness of the whole. And this is in part why the universe was created so that you can have some contrast and say, “Oh, well, now I really can see this because I can see what the opposite of that is when it is completely absent”.

And so, it has tremendous value when you “fail”, when things don’t flow, when you hold a lower resonance. This is why we tell you everything that you create has inherent value.

The Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective - ‘Worthy’ Galactic Light Code - April 2023