Thoughts about thoughts

Let’s examine some thoughts about thoughts.

  • Emotions don’t create. Thoughts create.

  • Emotions indicate whether or not you are going to like what your thoughts are creating. You can still create using thought ignoring your emotional involvement, but there’s no guarantee you are going to like what you’ve created.

  • Dominant Thoughts create Dominantly. If there are no obvious Dominant Thoughts, then whatever (“momentary”) thought there is left becomes the dominant one by default.

  • Since thought always precedes emotion, Dominant Thoughts give rise to Dominant Emotions, not the other way around.

  • Everything comes to you through the path of least resistance. If you won’t allow yourself a new car through “normal” means, having your old one written-off in order to then justify the need for a new one can be a “path of least resistance” for you.

  • If you are looking for one-to-one correspondences between a single thought and a manifestation of that thought, you are going to tie yourself in mental knots. It rarely happens. The universe responds with blended manifestations. And unless you are generally Vortex-aligned, you probably won’t even notice the responses happening.

An analogy for Emotion vs Thought

The speedometer on your car indicates the speed your car is going but it is not responsible for the speed you are going…that’s down to your foot’s interaction with the accelerator pedal :racing_car:

  • Speedometer = Emotion

  • Accelerator Pedal = Thought

  • Foot = Your Mental Focus



Stingray, you said in the post that "Emotions don’t create. Thoughts create:

While in Grid work you advised to generate specific feelings to manifest specific thing .

would you please clear a bit more on this topic?

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Specific feelings come about from specific thoughts. You are using your feelings as a feedback mechanism to adjust the underlying thought.

The thought in that situation is more specific than a thought, say, of Ease but it’s probably still less specific than a thought of “I need $1,275 by 10am this morning to appear on my front doorstep in a green plastic bag and carried by an one-armed hobbling elf from the Planet Riceria”

(Riceria is, of course, the sister planet to the Planet Creamyricepudderingo)

Using emotions in this way is a bit like tuning an old-style radio.


As you try to tune the radio and you are slightly off the signal, you get static. But as you turn the tuner dial (i.e. keeping adjust the thought), the sound coming out of the speakers becomes clear.

The sound coming from the speakers indicates (like emotions do) whether you are on the correct frequency or not, but it’s your adjustment of the dial (your adjustment of your underlying thought) that caused the clear sound to come from the speakers.

And, in this rough analogy, the broadcast signal itself (from the radio station) is the frequency of your desire (the thing you want).

So, to sum up…you listen for the clear sound (pure emotion) as you adjust the dial (your thoughts) to tune into the frequency of the broadcast (your desire)


@stingray-Now clear .Thank you.

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A question about this, as it relates to something like EFT:

EFT works (I think) by neutralizing the negative emotion associated with a certain thought.

Pre-EFT - a thought may cause me to feel something negative, like say angry.
After EFT - the same thought may cause a higher emotion, like say boredom.

So if I keep thinking that thought, even after having neutralized it thought EFT, what am I creating?

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Firstly, you’re not actually creating with thinking those thoughts, you are aligning with what was vibrationally created in the moment you had a desire.

Secondly, following on from the above, there is not much aligning going on with a neutral state. The strength of an emotion indicates how much of a player the underlying thought (which gave rise to the emotion) has in your vibrational mix.

  • Strong negative emotion = strong resisting of what you want
  • Strong positive emotion = strong allowing of what you want

While there is not much aligning going on, the nice thing is that you are also not resisting either. The neutral point is your friend so when you are not resisting, it is still a (weak) allowing state…which will still let you get what you want eventually.


It was helpful for me to think about this question from my experience for stopping smoking with EFT. This is what I came up with:

Firstly I’m not sure that EFT actually ‘neutralizes’ anything so much as helps us - or gives ourselves permission to shift vibrational alignment \patterns of in-formation in the directions we would like. yes there may well be ways in which the taping works on ‘meridian channels’ etc but thats a detail level model.

I.'ve realized that the predominant information/virbation was ‘I am a smoker…someone who smokes and will loose a lot by stopping. I need one with my coffee. What will i do at work break times without one?’ etc etc…

I worked to shift away from from alignment with that vibration (I experienced a desire to be free of cigarettes in my life. And I did some ‘vibrational’ work to ‘receive’ that)

After some work the predominant information for me became closer and closer to what every person who doesn’t smoke has: Something like ‘cigarettes?..eww…smell a bit foul…ruin your lungs…What about them?’
And then at some point I naturally and spontaneously stopped as I had lost enough alignment with the 'i am a smoker ’ vibration\information.

So to answer your question - what am I ‘creating’ when I think of cigarettes now…at this moment. I would say right now I am affirming/emphasizing their absence. That is what I feel right now - their absence, lack of relevancy… that it feels a little weird - unreal even that I ever was a smoker.

Along with a brief period of minor discomfort from the nicotine withdrawing, and a couple of last ditch attempts to draw me back in ‘cigarette smoking’ essentially ‘clattered’ out of my experience.

Stingray has a good post on 'clattering ’ on this forum. Helped me realize that cigarettes were basically the ‘negative friend’ that clattered out.


Thank you both @stingray @simonchsharp - very helpful!

@simonchsharp Nice work! Can you expand a bit on how much movement you aimed to make with each tapping session? For shifts that feel really habitual or “big” (like this may have to you at the time), I’m wondering if it’s better to break them into small chunks that our minds are more able to accept (a bit more like the reach of a focus block statement) rather than trying to get “all the way there” at once…

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Ah yes - exactly. I did it bit by bit. I would say over the period of about a week and a half to the point where i actually stopped smoking. Then there was another period of about a week where pangs or triggers would come up from the nicotine withdrawal. In that case i tapped directly on the ‘pang’ feeling as it came up.

I didn’t even really do any of the ‘grading’ on a 1-10 scale as that seemed to get in the way for me - often just did shortened tapping version as stuff came up. I should also add that I had read Alan Carr’s ‘easyway’ book which is basically 150 pages of someone trying to convince you smoking is an illusionary vicious cycle; that you just need to get through a few days of discomfort from the nicotine withdrawal and you can free yourself fairly easily from the cycle. I previously had stopped for over a year and a half just on the basis of reading that book. But then I found myself living with a smoker and began to slip back into it. It took the more ‘systematic’ approach of something like EFT to root out specific ways in which I was still maintaining the ‘i am a smoker’ information and shift them bit by bit. So no - definitely not an ‘all the way there at once’ process for me.

Could I have knocked the whole thing out in one concentrated session? Nowadays that seems much more feasible - especially with the help of a genuinely skilled EFT facilitator. At the time I suspect it would have been too much of a stretch and produced too much resistance in my mind - and, interestingly, it never even occurred to me to do it that way at the time.

Whilst I have post-rationalized the experience here for the purposes of learning more about it - at the time i was simply trying out EFT and tapping on stuff that came up. No specific aims to ‘move’ anything by any ‘degree’. Just to feel some relief from the fears and triggers around smoking and then see what happens.

What happened was that one day it occurred to me ‘how would i feel if i just stopped now?’ and the answer was that it didn’t feel particularly worrying or scary - so i did it. Since its been something like 7 years since that moment I think i’m fairly sure its as permanent as anything can be :slight_smile:


Fantastic–thank you for sharing. I especially enjoy this bit:

I realized in reading this that often when I am trying to change a habit, I’m not looking at that change as a manifestation (i.e., manifesting or aligning with the version of me who doesn’t have that pattern), and so I’m often going at clearing by trying to eliminate the thing I don’t like, rather than reaching for a feeling or relief. This is very helpful.